Catchup #14: Insightful Twitter Threads (Israel, Hacking Microsoft, US Economy, US Shooting, Khalistan)

This week's Twitter thread includes Israel, Hacking Microsoft, US Economy, US Shooting, Khalistan

Catchup #14: Insightful Twitter Threads (Israel, Hacking Microsoft, US Economy, US Shooting, Khalistan)
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“There are accepted revolutions, revolutions which are called revolutions; there are refused revolutions, which are called riots.” ― Víctor Hugo, Les Misérables

1. Israel's challenges

We often think that Jews are all the same and Israel is one homogenous country.  It is not.  In fact, it is facing the very same issues that India is facing.  Netanyahu has about the same challenges that Modi has on his hands.

2. Hacking Bing Results

How one guy used a small loophole in Azure to hack into Bing, take over millions of Office365 accounts and even changed the Bing search results!

3. Money printer and Rates

US is printing trillions while it is hiking the interest rates.  While the former raises inflation, the other is supposed to reduce it.  Balaji shares some dire stuff.  Where is the US and its banks headed?

4. Woke Shooting?

The recent school shooting in Nashville school has raised a lot of questions on how Wokeism is creating a new breed of criminals in this new generation.  Low self-esteem and full of hate and anger.  Quite remarkable.

5. Fight against Khalistan

Many Sikhs need to speak up about the truth of Khalistan.  As I share in my discussion on "The Alternate Media" that this is a fight for Sikhs to fight for their own spiritual truth and for the Gurus.

Do check out this long but very informative thread.

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