Catchup #16: Insightful Twitter Threads (Tarek Fatah, CM Vs PM, Modi Govt, AI World, Sudan War)

Tarek Fatah is no more - thread on him and other stories like CM Vs PM, Modi Govt, future of AI World, Sudan War

Catchup #16: Insightful Twitter Threads (Tarek Fatah, CM Vs PM, Modi Govt, AI World, Sudan War)
Chinese Fish Net
Photo by gaurav kumar / Unsplash
“Every society honors its live conformists and its dead troublemakers.” ― Marshall McLuhan

1. Tarek Fatah - passing of a powerful voice

Some unassuming people come and change the course of a generation.  Mr. Tarek Fatah was one such person.  Before he started there was no honest voice that one had encountered from Pakistan.  He not just called out the farce of that society but also raised the questions that had been found to be inconvenient in India and the West.  He started a movement that created many questioning voices from the Pakistani diaspora and the country itself.  The small frame with a courageous voice set in motion a review that will tear apart a society that has been a mockery of humanity.  A society that could not handle his presence.

May the voice of the Lion never die.

Here is a very engaging and informative thread on the man.

2. Chief minister vs Prime Minister

The problem in India is that debates go to ridiculous extents.  Even the educated lose all sense.  For example, when the farce that Arvind Kejriwal is, came out in the open in terms of how he had splurged money on his home they compared the PM's house.  Here is a useful thread to get a bit of common sense.

3. Modi Government's achievements

The opposition and the hit men from outside India have been working overtime to dampen the achievements by Modi government.

Here is a thread on perhaps the most extensive survey done in India on the impact of Modi's economic policies.

4. Future in an AI world

What will be the future of our world where AI is the norm?  Sridhar Vembu, the CEO of Zoho shares his views.  Not sure that I fully agree but the key here is to ensure no monopolies are set up.

5. How state and business works together

A very interesting thread on how US establishment used its sabotage arm - USAID - to bomb another country and take over its pharma industry.  We know that the same ecosystem tried to sabotage India during COVID.

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