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Chidambaram to Middle Class after Economically Raping the Country: SHUT THE F^&$ UP!

I know this is everywhere and talked about a lot, but I have to put this in as it is the greatest WTF moment of this Government’s rule.

“There’s steady rise in the minimum support price of paddy, wheat and sugarcane , reflected in the prices of commodities . When the urban middle class can buy a bottle of mineral water for Rs 15 and icecream for Rs 20, why do they make so much noise about price rise?”

So spake Mr. Chidambaram.

When Baba Ramdev stands up against the Corruption, the chorus from the Government and the media is – Why is the Yoga Guru talking of politics?

When Team Anna stands up, they are targeted for some reason or the other, and then asked the question “Who are you to question us?” by Mulayam Singh Yadav while the Government slaps all sorts of cases and plants falsehoods in media.

Now, when the Middle class is talking about Inflation, Chidambaram gets up and chides the Middle Class for raising its voice.

In an article on Rape cases in Delhi, I had shared the anguish that just as the crowds keep witnessing as a hapless woman is raped, similarly we all keep witnessing as one activist after another is “raped” by the Government.  One day it will be US!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am not sure if you realize it or not.. now it IS YOU!!

So, basically Chidambaram, the Harvard MBA in his suave manner is basically telling you exactly what Mulayam Singh Yadav told Anna Hazare so crassly – SHUT THE F^%$ UP!!

Just be happy with your little things and live the life and stop cribbing.

It is not the arrogance of rule that is so insulting, but the fact that Middle Class – and those in poverty – are being socially and economically RAPED, and as they raise their voice, they are first told “You Deserve it”.. and then asked to simply SHUT UP!