China's Chairman is our Chairman – Indian Leftists who work against our interests!

Last updated on Aug 20, 2007

Posted on Aug 20, 2007

Honesty and Nationalism are two things for which the leftists in India are not known for!!  They are hypocrites and shamelessly work against the nationaal interest as they have always.. even in the wake of a full fledged war launched by the Chinese in 1961.  If someone was to dump all these idiots in a ship and sink it close to the Arctic I doubt if anybody would really be bothered much about it.. except the clearly stupid and masochistic West Bengal population which from decades has been shooting itself on its foot by electing these idiots as well as the Keralites.  I really have no sympathy for people from these two states.  At least the Mallus work hard and have made their state one of the most prosperous.  The Bengalis have nothing better to do than smoking cigarettes and talking politics endlessly… all wrapped up in HUGE egos!  That state has become a HUGE dump of much and nonsensical chatter.. there is hardly any substance left in that part of the world.  It is hard to imagine that such a land once gave birth to such giants as Swami Vivekananda, Subhash Bose and Tagore!

B. Raman is one of the most respected commenter on the topic of South Asian politics from the intelligence side.. and here he describes how the leftists carry out the Chinese agenda in India from decades now!

After joining the IB in 1967, I went on a visit to Kolkata. Those were the days of China’s Cultural Revolution. The Marxists were not yet in power in West Bengal, but  were very active. As I was travelling in a taxi from the Dum Dum airport to downtown, I saw the following slogan painted by the Marxists on the walls everywhere: ‘China’s chairman is our chairman’.
The present day Indian Marxists don’t say this, but they do believe that ‘China’s interest is our Interest’. It is this belief which is behind their present campaign against the Government of India. Their hidden motive should be exposed.

and now an example of their utter hypocrisy:

A Chinese company had won a contract for the construction of a gas pipeline from the Godavari area in Andhra Pradesh. It wanted to bring about 1,000 Chinese engineers to work in the project. The ministry of home affairs and the Intelligence Bureau of the Government of India were not clearing the issue of visas to the Chinese engineers. They asked a number of inconvenient questions as to why it was necessary for the Chinese company to bring in so many of their engineers when unemployed Indian engineers were available.

There was also a paper prepared by the National Security Council Secretariat of the Prime Minister’s Office suggesting that proposals for foreign investments in sensitive sectors such as telecommunications from China, Pakistan and Bangladesh should be subjected to a special security vetting.

Sitaram Yechury of the CPI-M, allegedly at the instance of the Chinese embassy in New Delhi, raised a big hue and cry about it and literally forced the Government of India to order the issue of visas to the Chinese engineers and to drop the proposal for a special security vetting for Chinese investment proposals in sensitive sectors.

After Hu’s visit was over, Times Now television news channel had invited me to participate in a discussion on the visit. Arnab Goswami of the channel anchored the discussions. D Raja, CPI’s member of the Rajya Sabha, participated in the discussions from Delhi. I told Raja: "It is surprising that you pressurised the government to issue visas to 1000 Chinese engineers. You were not bothered about Indian engineers not getting these jobs. If a US company had wanted to bring 1000 American engineers, would you have urged the government to issue visas to them?"

Raja told me: "Mr Raman, you are an eminent person. You should not mislead people by raising such scenarios."

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