Chinese Government Shoot Tibetan Protesters in Cold Blood

Free Tibet

Four Tibetans have self-immolated themselves to protest against their repression by the Chinese Government.  Tibetans asking for freedom were arrested a few days back by the Chinese and Tibetan youth came out to protest.

What does the Chinese Government do?

They start shooting the protesters who were unarmed.  One dies (am sure this is a “reduced” number) and scores get injured.

It is amazing, that in a world which is so global, everyone still handles China with kids gloves.  Specially, when it goes on to hurt any group or citizens of any country it likes.  The thinking seems to be that unless Chinese are hitting me, I really don’t care.. since I am getting to sell there.

This won’t work well for long.

In the Chinese matters, what amazes me is the complete apathy of the world to deplorable human rights of people living in China who are not Chinese.  The hegemonic intent of that country is so amazing that they are not afraid of threatening Taiwanese, Tibetans and even Indians on a daily basis.

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