Congress and Opposition Leaders Resorting to Violence against BJP on National TV and Media Debates!

Congress and Opposition Leaders Resorting to Violence against BJP on National TV and Media Debates!

As the prospect of BJP’s imminent landslide win becomes even more clearer, the opposition spokespersons and representatives have now started resorted to violence on live TV and media debates.

A practice that was hitherto common only amongst the Pakistanis on their national TV has – quite naturally – afflicted the goons of Congress and TMC.  Until now, such performances were only seen by the Mullahs on Tarek Fatah’s shows where they went after the women with their sticks to hit them. But violence, that too in full media presence, has made a debut in this elections.

As the certainty of BJP's victory becomes clearer, Congress and opposition leaders have started resorting to violence on national TV and media debates against BJP representatives. Click To Tweet

TMC minister attacked Coochbehar BJP candidate Nishith Pramanik in live debate show.  And, after that the TMC goons started breaking things and throwing stuff around.

And, Congress spokespersons are not far behind.  On a live national TV debate something unprecedented happened.  Congress Spokesperson Alok Sharma threw a glass of water at KK Sharma National Spokesperson, Bharatiya Janta Party during LIVE DEBATE on News 24 Channel!  Now, this clearly is an indicator of what is afflicting the Congress.

They know that they have to suck upto their masters from 10 JP and those masters are tougher to defend with their nonsense and they can see things slipping out of their hands.  Thus the violence.

Such violence used to happen earlier as well in private or off camera contacts and no one would report it as well – because Congress literally owned the media.  Now because of social media, everyone is a reporter.  And these things will remain in public domain for almost forever!

My sense is that this will keep increasing in the coming days and we need to ensure that the BJP supporters take adequate precautions because the mainstream media will never report on anything that is anti-BJP.  Their reporting is restricted to things that they can pin on the BJP somehow.

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