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Congress to Rushdie: No one can Threaten us, We are Pussies! We give in.

Abhishek Singhvi

India is an interesting country.  So, someone wants to come to the country, but some people aren’t thrilled about that.  They go and threaten with violence.  The Government, instead, of making sure these elements do NOT threaten the law and order and clearly tell them to not break any law or else – disallows the person to come in.  That is the jist of Congress’ reply to Salman Rushdie.

How can one expect a Government which acts like this to ever save its citizenry??  It just does not have any guts to stand up to threats from a section of the society!

What Congress is saying is “We are pussies.  Even handful of insiders can make us afraid.”  And, what about Law and order?  Who cares.

Salman Rushdie has laid it straight and said clearly why he wasn’t allowed to come to Jaipur or even beamed in Jaipur.

The Congress Wednesday refuted remarks by Salman Rushdie that the party’s desire to garner Muslim votes in Uttar Pradesh elections was the reason for his not being able to attend the Jaipur Literature Festival or address it via video link and said the author on his own decided not to come to India.
Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said the Rajasthan government could not ignore intelligence inputs regarding threat to Rushdie’s security.
“We are not here to get into an argument with any particular individual. We have made two or three simple points. No state government can afford to ignore inputs and material regarding security threat to any person,” Singhvi said.