#CongressManifesto: Master Plan to Destroy the Indian Union

#CongressManifesto: Master Plan to Destroy the Indian Union

The manifesto by Congress shows its intentions.  Here is the English form for your download and perusal (Congress Manifesto 2019).  Let us go ahead and analyze its extremely dangerous provisions!

One serious reading of #CongressManifesto2019 shows it is a plan to loot and break the Indian union.. permanently! Click To Tweet

Throttling the Press and Punishing Criticism: Congress’ Fascist history

In 2012, a cartoonist Aseem Trivedi was arrested for a cartoon that depicted the status of the Parliament and how it was decaying.  At that time, the Information and Broadcasting Minister of UPA had warned the journalists – that they should remain “within” the “constitutional parameters”.  Big words which in reality meant precious little than a blatant warning “toe our line or else!”!  It was Soni who, acting as a fascist minister, was violating the constitution!

Last month, the beleaguered government of the prime minister, Manmohan Singh, temporarily blocked a number of Twitter accounts. Ministers have also responded angrily to articles by foreign reporters criticising Singh’s record, and have clashed with social networking sites such as Facebook over material deemed insulting to political figures.
Ambika Soni, the Indian information and broadcasting minister, told reporters that cartoonists “should stay within constitutional parameters”, saying “they cannot make national symbols the object of their cartoon”.

The history of Congress is replete with atrocities against the Press – in the name of high sounding concepts like “Freedom of Speech” or “Constitutional parameters” or some other idea that they can use to justify the crackdown.  Nehru had jailed Balraj Sahni and Majrooh Sultanpuri for TWO years for merely criticizing him!  Such is the level of fascism.

A party with this level of anti-press and anti-expression fascist history is preaching how it will work to amend the Press Council of India Act to ensure “independence of the press”.  Just because some of the journalists have been critical of Congress, they have termed that criticism as ” sections of the media have abused or surrendered their freedom.”

So, in short, they will play favorites.  Those who tow their line are “free journalists” and those who criticize them are “abusing or surrendering their freedom”.  Really?  Hasn’t that been the game plan by Congress all along?  Why is it that so many journalists end up on their payroll or their Rajya Sabha rolls or even the Padma Shri/Padma Bhushan awardees list?

Such playing favorites is the surest sign of a fascist agenda.  Specially when it comes from the pen of a repeat offender.  So, this extract below should be a BIG red flag for anyone with a bit of history knowledge and understanding of how things work in India.

Do you see the deception of those who have decided to define the very parameters of press freedoms?

For those who were not either born then or do not remember that time, here is a description of what happened to journalists during the Emergency period.

Television and radio were under full government control. Radio news is still under government control. There were no private news TV channels. So, blacking out a news transmission was not under consideration then. Media back then meant printed newspapers and magazines, which depended heavily on electricity supply to release their editions. In New Delhi, the Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg was the newsprint hub. Its power supply, controlled by government companies, was disrupted in a manner to severely delay or cause cancellation of the print for next day edition.
The government expelled foreign correspondents. Seven foreign correspondents were expelled and 29 others were banned from entering India. The Centre withdrew accreditation of 54 Indian journalists including six photographers and two cartoonists. Most of them were active in New Delhi and known for their critic of the government policies and action. More than 250 journalists had been put behind the bars during Emergency. (source)

The hatred against the cartoonists is something that carried on until the last UPA regime, which Aseem Trivedi faced first hand!

That is where the first salvo will be fired by Congress – if Indians are foolish to wish their own demise and vote for them in any number.  Press Freedom will be manipulated to create favorites!

Enabling Terror Industry and how Congress plans to destroy Indian Army in these areas

The so-called “unrest” in Kashmir is a paid industry.  The jehadis and their sympathizers pay those who run the “Human rights circuit” like Ghulam Fai did and had many Indian “activists” and journalists on his payroll.  And these same jehadis along with ISI pay the “angry Kashmiris” to protest against the Indian Army by stone pelting, which is another paid industry.  Stone Pelters are paid Rs 5000 to 7000 for stone pelting.

And these stone pelters and “angry Kashmiris” go around heckling and harassing the Indian Army jawans for doing their job – which is to keep peace in the entire state in the face of violence by ideological fanatics and paid proxies of ISI living in just a handful of districts.  Remember this?

And for safety of the Indian Army, in the face of this web of deceit, paid terror and fake human rights industry, there is a law that gives power to Indian Army to do what is needed – Armed Forces (Special Powers) Acts (AFSPA).

In order to dilute this law, the whole battery of Jehadis and their proxies have tried to tie up the Indian Army in thousands of meaningless law suits.  Recently, the Indian Army shared the information that of all such suits filed less than 4% suits were found to be true.  Rest were baseless and false.  Over 96% of cases are to tie the Army up!

…the officer said the Army had received 1,736 allegations, primarily during counter-insurgency operations in J&K and north-east, in the period stretching from 1994 to April 2017. “Of them, 1,695 cases have been probed till now, while the rest 41 are under investigation. Of the cases investigated, 1,629 were found to be either false or baseless. In the 66 cases found to be correct and true, 150 personnel were punished and compensation awarded in 49 cases,” he added (source)

And, despite these machinations of the Human Rights industry to make the already dangerous situation that the jawans face even worse, the Congress is now saying that they will further “amend” the AFSPA to give even more powers to the terror proxies masquerading as Human Rights activists to further hit the jawans.  Just watch the video again and ask yourself – “Why the bloody heck should any jawan care for your safety anymore?!!”

Unconditional talks with those who want to destroy the Indian Union

Congress wants to have unconditional talks in Kashmir to resolve the issues there.

That is interesting.  Talks without preconditions.  But with whom?

To understand whom Congress will actually be willing to talk you have to listen to their leaders in J&K.  Saifuddin Soz, a veteran Congress leader and a former Union Minister asserted in 2018 that “Unconditional dialog with Hurriyat is the only solution in Kashmir”

Well, let us get a bit of education on Hurriyat, with whom Congress wants to have unconditional talks.

Yesterday, a high-tech internet communication set and independent technical servers used for communications were also recovered from the residence of Hurriyat chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq. According to the NIA, Farooq used this special internet communication exchange to talk to his masters in Pakistan. The high-powered communication had a 40 feet long antenna which is in complete violation of all the rules and regulations in a sensitive place like Srinagar. (source)

So their Chairman, Mirwaiz Farooq had a special high tech communication device with which he was talking to his handlers in Pakistan.  Someone who was so actively working against the Indian state – will be pampered by Congress… again?!

When I say “working against the Indian state”, those are not my words, but the considered judgment of the honorable Supreme Court of India after perusal of all the documents presented to it.

“Ample material has been collected to show the linkages between the Hurriyat leaders of the Jammu and Kashmir and terrorists/terrorist organizations and their continuous activities to wage war against Government of India,” said a bench of Justices A M Khanwilkar and Ajay Rastogi. (source)

This is not just some random peaceful overtures with some benign actors.  Congress is talking about a roadmap to install those who have worked to destroy the Union of India – your country – as the interlocutors and decision-makers of the territorial integrity.

That itself should tantamount to treason.

Treason will be abetted

Now, that brings us to the next topic – Treason and Sedition.

Nation is not anyone’s personal property.  We are part of a nation as citizens and residents based on laws and rules which are inspired by the constitution of the country.  When someone tries to protest the very union itself and raise voice to break the union and the laws that govern it, it is no more a “personal expression”.  That person is betraying the intent to create terror and hit at the lives of others.

One cannot, in a free country with laws, argue that I will work to break this country while raising religious slogans in support of those who created terror (Afzal Guru) and argue credibly that it for “peaceful self expression“!  My life in a nation is dependent on the covenant that you will abide by the laws that govern us all.  If you have every intent to break the law and the nation for religious reasons and back terror, then you are putting my and my kids’ lives in danger.  You are no longer in the realm of self expression – you are a terrorist yourself.

And, just by abandoning the fig leaf of not directly sloganeering for a terrorist but still arguing for breaking the nation – and the laws that creates that nation – you cannot escape the charge of committing sedition.  A crime that is covered under Section 124A.  That is the law that Congress wants to remove.

You see it is all connected

as one whole

the favoritism of Press while clamping down and making villains out of critics amongst the journalists, the control and humiliation of the Army and making it vulnerable, talking to those whom even the Supreme Court says are waging a war against the Indian state, and then removing the very Section that can be a “catch all” to bring them to book.

There is a clear intent to break India as we know it.

And remember India is not some concept that can be played with or broken.  It is your life, and your kids’, your relatives, your neighbors’, your entire neighborhood, your village, your city, your work, heck all that you can see and do within those borders is India.  That is what is being targeted.

In fact, if you have not understood – YOU are the target!

Finally, the continuation of Plunder in the name of Farmers

As if breaking the nation as we know it was not enough.  Congress will continue its work on plundering from the citizen tax payers in the name of “help to farmers”!  And, the most potent weapon in their arsenal is Farm Loan Waiver.

Farm loan waiver
Courtesy Economic TImes

Congress had announced a Loan Waiver scheme just before the 2009 elections.  Do you even remember that?  This was the assessment of CAG in 2013.

“Overall, the performance audit revealed that in 22.32% of the 90,576 cases checked, there were lapses or errors, which raised serious concern about the implementation of the scheme,” said a CAG report tabled in Parliament on Tuesday. As per the finance ministry data, 3.73 crore farmers were given debt relief worth Rs 52,260 crore under the scheme. CAG report on Agricultural Debt Waiver and Debt Relief Scheme said several cases of ineligible farmers were given benefit while deserving ones were left out. Of 90,576 cases, there were lapses in 20,216, while around Rs 164 crore was waived off in violation of guidelines. (Source)

IN the name of the same “help to farmers” comes another version of Loan waiver.

Congress proudly proclaims that they “waived the loans of farmers” in Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.  Which is an outright lie!

They had announced, yes.  But waived?

In Rajasthan, there were “non-existent beneficiaries”. In Karnataka, for example – under pressure from Congress – the Government waived Rs 40,000 crores for only 800 farmers.  Here is the story of a farmer from MP who got a waiver of Rs 13 instead of his loan of Rs 24,000!  Not just that, there were farmers who had long back paid their dues but their names were put back and were made responsible for that and even as defaulters.

In Chattisgarh Rs 61 billion of the tax payer money was assigned to loan waiver.

Now, the Congress is saying that the inability to pay Farm loans will be a Civil law liability and not a criminal proceeding.  When 80% of the nation’s farmers – the poor and marginal farmers – are NOT benefited by these loan waiver frauds, then who is it benefiting?  The large farmers and landholders.  Those who are willing to defraud the banks.  And are the vote bank of Congress.

You see just like the Congress gave loans to businesses which exponentially increased the bank NPAs (Rajan’s admission / Piyush Goyal), this loan waiver scheme will be used to do that same thing from the agriculture side.

And, since it will only carry a “civil liability” it will be one big party for those fraudsters who want to take the loans but never pay!  None of these mind you will be small or marginal farmers!

If you thought the ideas to loot the country were over, well Congress has many more.

Fraud and Breaking India: Congress Goals

An honest reading of the manifesto alongwith some context of history shows certain things very clearly – that Breaking India forces will be officially institutionalized in India.  Fraud and looting will be the official tools in the hands of UPA again, if Indians falter.

When one talks to Indians and they lament at their lot – the bad roads, the bad situation, he breaking of laws, no enforcement mechanisms and no one listening, then one needs to slap those people and show them the mirror.  You know who is responsible for the bad roads and pollution and the scams in your world?  YOU!  Because you couldn’t even exercise even basic intelligence and knowledge gathering before you defrauded yourself .. yet again!

Hopefully that will not happen.  And, India will continue with the trajectory of not just fair and just governance but one where fraud and scams are not tolerated.  Where honesty is the way to be.

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