Cost of non-cooperation in South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

SAARC is the body with the full form – South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation. But the body is anything but about cooperation. Cooperation cannot be brought about by formal bodies but bringing together hearts. Some wonder why the nations are not cooperating. Its a good question, but does the hurt of “My land for my God at all costs” inflicted on others ever go away? Is 60 years enough for that? What have we done to get away from that madness? The answer is very little.

Anyways, the Secretary General now says that “nations in the region miss business opportunities worth $8 billion a year due to non-cooperation and could double the amount of investments they attract by checking corruption.”

Personally I feel, for India, there is a great opportunity in reducing corruption. But it cant be wished away. It will require change in attitudes and thinking. That has been the bane of many a generation for all these years in India… and a question that has stumped many intellectuals and thinkers.

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