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Last updated on Mar 15, 2009

Posted on Mar 15, 2009

Third Front has come together with the likes of Dewe Gowda, Mayawati, Communists and Chandrababu Naidu sharing bed with each other.  The regional satraps have joined hands with the Communists with the hope that they will get their chance of lifetime to become the PM of India.

If in modern times there was a Jaichand in India – then IK Gujral may well stake a claim for the top candidate of that genre of traitors.

Mayawati, unashamed fool as she is, has even gone ahead and staked the claim to be the PM candidate from the Third Front.  We have seen THREE thoroughly undeserving and shameless people become Prime Ministers from this bunch of people – VP Singh (Dec 1989 – Nov 1990), Dewe Gowda (1996-97), and IK Gujral (21 April 1997 – 28 November 1997).  The first two were certified goons, but the third guy was supposed to be an intellectual – but even he couldn’t get away from this lure and staked a claim to mess the country up at that time and finally made one decision for which India may well rue for years and decades to come![1]

It has come out in Indian news that I K Gujral during his tenure as PM, as part of his doctrine, wound up the Research and Analysis Wing’s – India’s external intelligence agency – covert operations in Pakistan. Acting in the belief of earning ‘goodwill’ of Pakistan, gave details of R&AW assets in Pakistan. It has been alleged that this led to physical elimination of R&AW human assets through extra-judicial means by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. This has been severevly critized in the light of the November 2008 Mumbai attacks and signifies the final futility of his doctrine – belief in the ‘inherent goodwill’ of openly hostile neighbors. This is his defining legacy.

The first one – VP Singh, became the PM with the backing of BJP and the last two through the backing of Congress.

There is no denying that LK Advani is not at his top game and the entire BJP clan is in a big mess.  The stage is set now for a person like Narendra Modi to emerge as the defacto leader within the configuration of that party.  But that will lead to a lot of upheaval in it.  It may break up in different bits.

On the other hand, Congress seems to be moving towards Gandhi clan wholeheartedly.  Rahul Gandhi may well be India’s PM in the short term… sadly for India.  I don’t like Congress Party in general – but at this time, I feel that Congress seems to be the best choice for the country.  Without the compulsion of Leftists, if.. and a BIG if.. Dr. Singh comes back as the PM, with major portfolios to Chidambaram, then we may have a good Government on our hand.  But I doubt that may be a possibility.

It will be a hung parliament, as I had suggested in my 2009 Predictions, and I believe that there will be a mid term election again within 6 months to an year.

Current indications do say that Communists may actually end up losing many seats in West Bengal and Kerala as well (20-25).  If that were so then the Third Front really is a Spent Front.  They basically are preparing to play party poopers… to throw the monkey wrench in the formation of the Government and claim the stake.  I hope that can be avoided!

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