Curious case of Sri Sri's assassination attempt

One was shocked when the report of assassination attack on Sri Sri Ravishankar came in.  He is someone who has, at the very least, promoted goodwill and well being of people on a global scale.  He may not be the highest Yogi, but he is Saintly.

Who will try and kill someone like that is a mystery.

But even more curiously, the response from the Government and that too the Minister of Defense is the funniest.  It took the entourage of Sri Sri Ravishankar 45 mins to report the incident.  Yet, somehow P. Chidambaram came to know that it was personal enmity of the devotees that led to the attack and the Guru was not the target.

So, the story goes that a guy called Mallikarjun attacked Vinay out of personal vendatta.  Sounds fascinating.  Except that Mallikarjun and Vinay are one and the same people.[2]  The guy who got hit is Vinay Mallikarjun.  Unless he is a split personality and someone with Supermanic powers – with the ability to shoot and then come in the way of the bullet he shot, the chances are that Chidambaram is talking… well.. some kind of nonsense.

After Nithyananda’s episode, it was being talked around in many circles that the “powers-that-be” are now targeting Sri Sri.  Now, any attack on a Guru is never one dimensional, but multi-faceted.  Media is heavily involved and paid off to make it even bigger anc crazier than is the reality.  Nithyananda’s case was a good one to look at.  Here was this Swami, who was either unscrupulous or trapped to be with this lady (and more perhaps).  But always in the privacy of his quarters.  And then the barrage went on.  The entire Government machinery went after him.  CBI left everything else and went after Nithyananda as if he was some state terrorist.  His passport taken away, he was tracked down from Himachal Pradesh.

One was obviously prompted to wonder, what, pray was the “crime”??  Honestly, I still haven’t heard a COHERENT explanation of it.  And its not as if the “powers-that-be” didn’t get an opportunity to get “their word across”!  The negative coverage against Nithyananda was unprecedented.  It still continues.  But till date NO ONE has given a credible explanation of why he was arrested and is being tried?  Adultery?  Sex despite being a Swami?

If one looks at these incidents, there is a lesson to be learnt.  There is a certain direction in which this Government wants the country to move in and the entire machinery will be put together to orchestrate it.  It will end up breaking the inclusive fabric of this country in the end.

Reference Links

  1. Ravishankar may not have been the target, says Chidambaram
  2. I’m surprised and my supporters are shocked: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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