Days of Shias are numbered; as the “Greatest Believer” prepares to win the end game!

Shias in Pakistan are in trouble.  No not just because of the deadly bomb attacks.  But because they have the ignorance to say that those who do such bombs attacks “aren’t Muslims”.  When it is too late, and the sword has just been thrust into their hearts, someone will break a news – that “Shias are Kafirs, NOT Muslims“.

It is a rather strange situation, isn’t it.  You are defenders of a faith, that you don’t even “represent” yourself.  A verdict by people who matter.  Those who can kill and convert and rule.

And as the last remnants of the Shias take a bow out of Pakistan, one does hope that they would reflect on the state of the Zoroastrians who were persecuted, hounded, killed, converted, and thrown out of their land – Persia…. by their Grand religious Ulemas and Imams and leaders way back during the genesis of this faith.  I am not saying that they are paying for the cleansing of the Zoroastrians done to install Shia rule in Iran, but they are facing the consequence of it.  Violent persecuting mindset is its own enemy.  Because nature seeks equilibrium and it never misses.

The Ocean, for example, rises and falls.  For, that is its character.  Those who know the character of the Ocean rejoice and play in tandem with the waves.  Those who do not know the nature of the Ocean but like to jump into it, die.  Not because Ocean is harsh to them, but because they weren’t in sync with the Ocean.

Shias in Iran.  Sunnis everywhere else are those clueless people who have jumped into the Ocean of Life, while they were inherently AGAINST Life.  They were in conflict with life itself.  There is no way the Ocean of Life will tolerate such conflict.  In the end Life wins.

When the last few Sunnis are left after finishing off the Ahmediyas, and Shias, Wahabis amongst them, will knock their door.  In the world of Wahabis, thereafter, (after the moderate and “regular” Sunnis have gone the Kafir way) it will be a man-to-man all-out battle …...and the most violent, wierdest, ruthless and the “inspired” believer will win, for he will claim the crown of the Greatest Believer.

For, how can you measure belief?  How can you test a Believer?  The strongest and the most Violent Believer is the judge and the party.  Afterall, Shias, who wiped out the Parsis from Persia were the “real Believers”…. back then.  It so happens now that someone has a better way to kill and more passion to do so, than these erstwhile killers.

So, as I said, the days of Shias are numbered.  And those of the Sunnis as well.  For, the most Violent, the most animalistic Believer is bound to win.  That is the nature of Belief.  And Nature never misses.  No matter how much your heart beats for a belief.  You are done, my friends.  Adios.

For TTP, the Quaid was a kafir….

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