Deal or no deal… WB stands to lose anyways

Last updated on Sep 9, 2008

Posted on Sep 9, 2008

So Tata is definitely going out of bengal owing to the Singrur episode.  Even the “peace deal” is not swaying Ratan Tata – because “it lacks in clarity”.  Mamata Bannerjee and Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee ostensibly never heard of “Risk Management”.  Currently it is not important that “a” deal is done and what it says – but what it does NOT say!  And to overlook that gap is taking too much of a risk given how the Bengali leaders have behaved in the recent past.

Close on its heels, even the IT giant Infosys has raised red flags (pun intended) over the investment climate in WB and decided to do a serious rethink of its maiden investment plan in the state given the unfriendly industrial and political climate.

Infosys had planned to invest Rs 250 crore and set up a development centre on the outskirts of Kolkata and provide employment to around 5,000 people. The recent events in Singur have shown that the government is unable to implement its policies; any acquisition of land has the potential of facing protests, Pai said.

Interesting!  What seems to have irked the Infosys Director HR is that “non-enforcement of the High Court Order”.  For the politicians that may be a sign of “victory” but then their states may get to lose terribly!  For that adds to the risk of the state.  And now, for their information, Indian companies are no longer competing the Lala shop down the road.. but with the world giants!  So, a Kolkatta site is evaluated against a site in, say, Kuala Lumpur.  No guesses on who loses!

I have said this before as well – time is coming when the corporates will start showing these politicians their place!  Eventually some bad ass from Reliance or Mahindras or Tatas will ask the question – why should I fund these morons?  Shouldn’t I just simply put my own guy as the candidate for PM?

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