Delhi a Rape Capital: Because its easy and safe to rape

Rape Crisis

Why is Delhi experiencing such high incidence of rape?  Why doesn’t anyone help a woman being raped or say something?  What does it signify?

These are interesting questions.  People look at the law and order problem and high incidence of crime in the capital.  But are we all missing the foundational shift occurring in the capital and the country as well?

The question after all is not why people rape in Delhi.  But why so many?  Even when in some cases rape has attracted capital punishment in India.

Delhi is a unique culture and city.  And it has changed suddenly for the worse.  It was always drunk on power.  But power in yester-years did not mean money.

Money was always in Mumbai.  That was where people with highest bank balances were.  They still are.  But slowly the balance of money power has shifted.  The politicians – riding on unprecedented plunder of the country’s coffers – have amassed wealth that rivals that of business heads.  In fact, Sonia Gandhi could easily be in the top 5 of the richest people in the world!

When money joins power, it is a very deadly mix.  The cocktail intoxicates one to an extent that nothing can stop him from doing what he thinks right.  What money can’t save him from, power (or proximity to power) will.  Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi don’t have to have power.  They have their proxies – P. Chidambaram and Dr. Manmohan Singh.  They can do all the brain work and create the road for these to plunder the country to their hearts content.  Of course, they aren’t to be left behind either in the act.

Headiness of power that comes from political clout + excessive money can probably be very similar to someone having an overpowering control over a woman.  When raw masculinity stands powerfully over vulnerable Femininity, the viciousness and the evil is remarkable.

The tragedy of India is the death of femininity – the feminine quality of the creation.  We have very little time or love for beauty, grace, creativity or vulnerability anymore.  The power and money have overpowered everything.

When a woman is raped and people around do not want to help her or she gets lonely and even deserted, it is a peculiar situation.  Somehow, the evil asserts itself.  People know that evil is asserting itself.  But the reasoning that occurs in one’s mind and in the air is to justify the act and the evil against her.  Haven’t we seen this too often?  How does the father of a rapist sleep when he knows that his son has perpetrated such evil?  Or even those who have been the witnesses?

It is the same justification and reasoning ability at work.  Isn’t it?

When Baba Ramdev, who was fasting and protesting against the plunder of the country was attacked by the battalion and people were lathi-charged.  Pray, does one remember the rhetoric?  It was all about Baba Ramdev’s flight in the woman’s clothing or about how he shouldn’t be talking of his political right.  Okay, okay – they actually said he shouldn’t talk of politics.  I challenge someone to point the difference between the two!!

When Anna Hazare’s entire team has been targeted.  Has anyone taken a stand in public or in media that this just wouldn’t be allowed?  The power and money stood tall over powering the simple people who happened to give up their lucrative careers to do what EVERY one should have done.

One.. by … one.  Each one was targeted and virtually raped by media and politicians.  No word.

For a few days, such people – maybe with their limitations – stood as proxies for our conscience.  Then they got raped.  In full public view.  No one helped, no one raised his voice.

Instead we all pointed out EXACTLY what the demented crowd does when a woman is raped.  “Why was she dressed that way?  She was inviting a rape.”

In a woman’s case, despite its obvious lunacy, such questions provoke debate.  Thank goodness for it.  But in case of political and social rape by the power which straddles money, media and politics – we ALL raise the same “Provocative dress” argument… and our soul remains ok.  In fact, its hailed as intellectual argument.

If a woman is in short skirt and looking sexy while she goes to work, how does it matter?  Should her rights of being treated like a normal human being be squashed?

If Baba Ramdev sells Yoga or makes millions or even billions and still wants to fight the powers that be against the corruption they have wreaked.  How does it matter?  Should his most basic and fundamental rights of a citizen be squashed?

If Kiran Bedi did make a mistake on her bills, even as she fights for our rights.  How does it matter?  Isn’t it enough that she has left a lucrative career already impacted by her outspoken-ness?

When those who fight on our behalf were and are being targeted, don’t we know that justice has been trampled?  How much of intelligence does one need to get the play of media and politics?

So, let us go back to our question –

How come women continue to get raped repeatedly in Delhi?  Because it is very easy.  No one will say anything to the rapist.  With a few goons and some money, you can rape as many as you want.  Women in Delhi are like cheap entertainment.  They will be raped and no one can do anything.  Because NO ONE HAS DONE ANYTHING!

A city and a country where every citizen whose rights are raped in full public view doesn’t do anything what will he/she for someone else??

Those with power and money know a secret and have an unwritten and un-articulated agenda – which is very similar to the current expert and wannabe rapists:

It is easy to rape in this society, if you have power, money and media on your side.  Not only is it easy, but it is DOWNRIGHT STUPID … NOT TO RAPE!

In a society like this – why shouldn’t one rape? Its easy, its safe, and limited risk must surely give a high.. just as one is a moron if one doesn’t plunder and steal from the Indian citizens – for, its easy, its safe and the limited risk must surely give a high!

Even the questions posed to the assaulted woman and assaulted citizens who stand up to corruption are the same – The way they are, they invited the assault!!

So, all of you, just as you quietly and without any murmur join the millions who rape the country, welcome to the new world – where you are a moron if you don’t rape!  Go ahead … have your fill!  For, you or this society deserves no better!

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