Delhi police trace Nizamuddin Markaz Chief Maulana Saad

The Chief of Nizamuddin Markaz, Maulana Saad was absconding after an FIR was lodged against him.  He has now been found in Zakir Nagar.  And, he wants to be under self-quarantine.

The Chief of Nizamuddin Markaz Maulana Saad Khandalvi has been traced by Delhi police to be living in the Zakir Nagar area and has put himself under quarantine.Delhi police are planning to interrogate Maulana Saad but will conduct it only after completion of his quarantine period. According to his lawyers, he has put himself under self-quarantine and that’s why he is unable to join the investigation now.(Source: Delhi police trace Nizamuddin Markaz Chief Maulana Saad)

Maulana Saad is responsible for putting the lives of 2 lakh Tablighi jamaats’ in danger and for spreading the vector for Corona widely in India.  What the Jamaat members did was unleashing a bioweapon in India – and an act of terror.

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