Desi Boyz: Insult to Intelligence

The movie is billed to be a comedy drama directed by Rohit Dhawan, son of David Dhawan.  It stars Akshay Kumar as Jerry or Jignesh, John Abraham as Nick Mathur, Deepika Padukone as Radhika Awasthi, Chitragandha Singh as Professor Tanya Sharma and

Desi Boyz Poster

as Suresh Awashi – Radhika’s father.  Jerry takes care of his nephew, Veer (played by Veer Desai), since the kid’s parents died sometime back.

It weaves in three broad plots – Recession, Custody of the Newphew and state putting him in Foster home, Male Escorts life and Continuing education for someone without job.

Jerry and Nick lose their jobs and turn to male prostitution by being male escorts for high end women.  They dance at bachelorette parties or making successful and married women’s fantasies come true of being with handsome and well muscled men.  They do this because Jerry has to save Veer from being taken off by the state and placed in a foster home, while Nick wants to fulfill all the dreams – like expensive gifts such as diamonds – of his girl friend, Radhika.

Things don’t work out, as Jerry loses the custody anyways and Nick loses Radhika when she sees him in a bachelorette party.  The friends part ways and take different routes.

Jerry enrolls in college and meets an old classmate who used to be overweight and unattractive girl but had a crush on Jerry.  She is now a hot and ravishing professor of economics.  She helps Jerry prepare for exams – using some extremely raunchy ways like Strip poker using economics test questions as the play material – and eventually Jerry gets a job after graduation and gets his nephew back.

The story didn’t have a whole lot going for it.  Rohit Dhawan seems to have taken the “raunchy factor” of his Dad a step further (remember Govinda and Karisma’s Sarkai lo Khatiya?).  The songs were forgettable and acting was lousy.  Chitragandha Singh looks hot and refreshing though, but I don’t even remember now much of Deepika.  Her role and acting is hardly memorable.

As for comedy, I am still scratching my head.  Have you ever been in a situation where someone builds up the situation as if the most hilarious joke is about to sprout forth from him, and then when he finishes the joke you are still looking at him wondering if he finished the joke or is there something going to come that will be remotely funny?  Well, this was something like that.

Someone needs to tell the Indian movie directors that throwing innuendos about sex and being loud is NOT comedy.  There is something more to the comedy film making and it requires intelligence.

As for Rohit Dhawan, thankfully – while using the same gutter standards of movie making as his Dad did – he is not as successful as David was.  Thankfully for our senses.

So, unless you a desperate lady who wants to watch a couple of hunks acting raunchy, you have to have an extremely bad decision making stills in terms of movie selection to get in front of this one.

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