Digivjay Singh, the faithful Sonia Dog dutifully attacks Kejriwal

Digvijay the Sonia’s pet dog is out in the open yet again.  He is now targeting Arvind Kejriwal with his idiotic stuff.  That’s what he does.  Attack anyone who dares Congress or Sonia family with falsehoods and nonsense.  And media?  Well the mainstream media likes to lick off his hand as well.

“He came to me in 2005 or 2006 and requested me that I should promote his name with (Congress President) Mrs Sonia Gandhi to be made a member of the NAC,” Singh said, recalling Kejriwal meeting him.
“…And I did recommend his case but probably Soniaji knew about him more than me and she was wiser than me that she refused meeting him,”

Yeah right!!

So the only proof you have is that YOU said it.  An, Digvijay, just so you know, even a second hand car salesman in the US seems like Yudhishter compared to you!

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