Disgusting Jaipur Gangrape – Zishan Ali, friends rape his sister

Disgusting Jaipur Gangrape – Zishan Ali, friends rape his sister

There are many crimes that just shock you. Nirbhaya’s case was one such incident.  In that incident, it was a juvenile, Mohammad Afroz, who had been the most brutal to the girl.  Shockingly, he went scott-free because he pleaded as a juvenile based on the certificate from his Madras.  While the rest of the rapists were – justifiably so, hanged to death, the juvenile is living under disguise somewhere in India.

Source: Scoopwhoop

Just a few days before Eid, another such shocking incident has happened.

Zishan Ali, had a “special needs” sister, Gulshan,who is just 10 years old.  He brought three of his friends – Sajid Ali, Amjad Ali and Wajid Ali – and they together gang-raped the hapless little girl.  The girl was killed.

This happened in Manoharpur area of ​​Jaipur district.  Based on interrogation of the neighbors, the CCTV camera footage and call records, the police arrested the four guys from Bareilly.

Zishan Ali confessed to the crime during his interrogation.  The disgusting brother argued that his sister would defecate in the clothes to her mental state.  That is why he wanted to murder her.

So, first he and then his friends raped his sister before killing her.

He confessed to the crime during interrogation. Additional Superintendent of Police Suilesh Chaudhary said that the accused confessed that Gulshan used to defecate in clothes due to retardation. She was a burden, so he thought of murder. The idea of ​​excesses came to the scene. First, the brother then raped friends.

Source: Dainik Jagran

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