Diwali is not a mere “Festival”, it is a Spiritual Possibility… a Shift!

Diwali is not a mere “Festival”, it is a Spiritual Possibility… a Shift!

Existence lies both, in the Gross and the Subtly profound.  In Matter and the Quantum.

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When Vibration happens in the subtle, matter and life as we know it happens.  Science points to both the realms.  Most of us cannot experience it as a human experience.  Because… and just because we have lived in the ignorance of any other realm of existence – at least consciously – other than the Gross, the subtle.. the profound never confronts us.  When one moves from the possibility of one realm to another, when one sees one dimension after being in another always, the shift enforces a realization.  An awakening.  Awakening to the real self.

What is darkness at one level – to our senses – is the foundational truth of existence at the subtle, quantum level.  What is lighted Creation to us, is a mere vibrational and temporary “Untruth”.  Darkness and Light of Foundational / Existential Dimension are not the same as Darkness and light of the Creational dimension.

There is no way to tell for someone who has stayed in and experienced only one.  The moment of awareness happens at the time of “Shift”.  Shift between one dimension to another.  One state to another.

That is why in Hindu Spiritual traditions, Twilight holds such significance.  Meditation at that time brings most results.  It is the time of shift.  Shift which can nudge Awareness.  And Awareness, even for a few moments, abets Realization.  Realization that helps one move from the Untruth to Truth.  From Existential Darkness, yet Creational Light to the other side.  Where, there is Light.

Diwali, a 5 day “Process” and Possibility to bring such a shift in one’s consciousness is one such opportunity.  Ashwin is the lunar month in September / October and in it’s Krishna Paksha (“dark fortnight”) starts the time for Diwali on Dhan Teras.  The Diwali days end on the Second day of the Kartik month which are in  Shukla Paksha(“bright fortnight”).

Diwali is not a mere Festival, it is a Spiritual Possibility... a Shift! #HappyDiwali Click To Tweet

Diwali is the Shift.  Between the “Dark Fortnight” to “Bright Fortnight”.  From Dark to Light.  Nature doesn’t need candles to announce the shift.  Or lamps.  It becomes the “Shift”.  We light lamps because those who understood the movement of nature and its significance, spiritually, had suggested it to us, in case we missed the larger phenomenon.

Diwali is not a Cultural Festival.  It is a Spiritual Opportunity.

Celebration is one thing.  Awareness and Realization is another.

Narakasur and Ravana represented the dark creational energies.  Krishna and Ram were glowing existential energies.  When the Energy of knowledge and Consciousness prevailed over that of ignorance, Diwali happened.  In those eras, it was a Shift of consciousness.  As it can be today.

There is nothing wrong in bursting crackers – although it brings pollution – or lighting lamps or dancing away in the night and celebrating like one does in any festival.  But Diwali is not a mere festival.  It is an opportunity.  An opportunity to move one from Creational dimension to the Existential one.  IF, one is willing and aware.

Let us use it this year.  The Earth and the Humanity needs the “Shift”!

Here are some photos depicting the traditional celebrations of Diwali.

A Card for a Happy Diwali

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photo credit: Dhinal Chheda via photopin cc

photo credit: Ragesh Vasudevan via photopin cc

Featured Photo credit: jasleen_kaur via photo pin cc

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