Don’t Mess with Punjab: Akali Dal message to Rahul Gandhi!

Too big for the bird brain?!

In India, you don’t mess with Punjabis, specially with Punjab!

Rahul Gandhi, the bird-brained Congress prince, visited Punjab where he was feted by all and sundry.  And, what did he have to say for it?  That, as per his estimates 7 out of 10 youth in Punjab are drug addicts.

Yes, drug addiction is a big problem in Punjab, but 70% youth??  He must have spent his time at a “Joint club” of some sorts to come up with that kind of asinine remark.

This hasn’t gone down well with Saade Punjabis!

So a senior Shiromani Akali Dal Leader chose to give it back to the young idiot rather sharply.

“Rahul Gandhi and Robert Vadra should undergo a dope test to prove that they are not addicts before making such comments about Punjab’s youth. Rahul Gandhi must apologise to the youth for this humiliation,” said senior SAD leader Prem Singh Chandumajra.

Like I said, you don’t screw around with us Punjus!

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