Dow’s spying on activists and our collective involvement in Bhopal Tragedy

Close on the heels of Dr. Singh’s statement about the US NGOs behind the protests against the Nuke plants, comes this revelation from the Wikileaks.

Indian activists fighting for the victims of the Bhopal gas leak disaster are being monitored by an American strategic affairs company contracted to Dow Chemical and other large corporations, the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks said Monday. The disclosure comes on the day the Indian sports ministry wrote to the International Olympic Committee urging it to drop Dow as a sponsor of the London Olympics.  via Source.

As for Dow Chemicals – yes, it is a draconian company, but it merely used the framework that Indian polity and judiciary offered it.  They got away with mass murder and paid pittance because they could get away with it.

Protesting against Dow is easy.  But the real protests should be against our own conscience and our own state of affairs.  The VERY politicians who are raising the hue and cry now are the ones whose bank accounts would have been duly filled up by this company.

Remember how Warren Andersen – Union Carbide Chief’s escape from India was facilitated by Rajiv Gandhi’s Government itself??!

“Even according to 

Arjun Singh

, Rajiv Gandhi was responsible for allowing Union Carbide chief Warren Andersen to flee from the country,” he alleged.

So, if you have yourself helped them – obviously not for free – then, “Why this Kolaveri di?”. We can obviously do without the melodrama!

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