England Floods as Drinking water supplies run out!

Last updated on Jul 25, 2007

Posted on Jul 25, 2007

England is in floods – rare ones!  Many people have been evacuated specially in Gloucester and Oxford (BBC update)

Says DK Matai on Intentblog:

The flooding crisis has broken 60 year records, set in 1947, across England. Homes are being devastated as unexpected water levels continue to rise and flood residences. It’s the perfect example of why you should educate yourself about home insurance as soon as you rent or buy your first home, as many people will be facing financial losses as a result of this natural phenomenon. It continues to get worse as UK’s two biggest rivers — Severn & Thames — overflow further leaving hundreds of thousands without water & energy across many towns & villages.

The total extent can be seen from the two updates that Matai gives:

Drinking water supplies have started to run out in some areas of England worst affected by the flooding. Severn Trent Water says 150,000 homes are without water in Gloucestershire, West England, after a treatment works was flooded. Another 200,000 people could eventually be cut off in Gloucester, Tewkesbury and Cheltenham.
Power supplies to 500,000 people in Gloucestershire are also threatened and the RAF has been drafted in to protect a sub-station at risk of flooding. Emergency services in Gloucester are also using sandbags to protect the Walham electricity substation, but 450 homes in Tewkesbury are already without power, along with 150 in Gloucester and 150 in Evesham.

Many towns and villages have been cut off:


Tewkesbury, England, is completely cut-off

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