Evaluating your goals for 1Q 2010

Today, March 31st, the first 90 days of the year come to a close.  Many of us would have made some resolutions I am sure.  Have you been following up on them?  I know I haven’t.

So, this may be a good time to look back and evaluate what you planned, where you started and where you are with your plans?

Here are some questions that Tom Peters, the management Guru, lists that can help us in this exercise.  He suggests that one answers these and sits with a “trusted advisor” to go over them to get better insights.

  1. Progress, scored quantitatively, against key resolutions.
  2. Projects underway or completed and their score on a 1-10 “Wow Scale.”* (*One
  3. measure of “Wow”: Odds that I’ll be talking about this one 2 years from now.)
  4. Revised or new or discontinued resolutions for the year.
  5. Network development activities-plans-goals. (Be rigorous in your reporting.)
  6. Lifelong learning projects launched or completed. (Including coolest new area you’re busy learning about right now.)
  7. Key steps for the 1st 2 weeks of the new quarter.
  8. Progress against a set of personal behavioral aspirations such as improvement at listening or showing appreciation or …
  9. A 10-word summary of 2010 for you so far. (“Really demonstrating my project start-up skills.”
  10. Overall “Grade” for the year to date.
  11. If you’re a boss, specific successes at people development (answer in detail, no generalizations allowed—use Appendix.)

I remember how I used to sit down and do a review of my career every 3 months when I started off.  I haven’t been doing it for quite some years now.  Maybe this is a good time to start back on that track.

Do you have a formal way to handle your personal reviews?  Please share your style/methods with all….

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