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Farmer in Congress Rally: I need Rains not FDI!

The Plunderer in Chief and the “Yes Maam” puppet

It is obvious that the plunderers doubling in as rulers of the land, have complete disconnect with the people of the land.  In a massive rally, with hundreds of farmers in it, the Congress Government was trying to market the Foreign DIrect Investments to, of all people, the FARMERS.

In a moment reminding one of “Emperor has no clothes”, a farmer put it the way it should have been done.

“I have no idea whether the government policy will really help farmers. For us good rains is enough, not FDI,” Harjari Ram, a farmer from Nagaur district, told IANS.

And its not about rains per se.. but the help that the farmers need.  When the Governments and the politicians are busy stealing.. even food for the kids from the system.. how do the farmers get help?