Finally, Digvijaya Singh speaks the truth

The whole country knows.  The world knows.  But somehow the Congress Party has been pretending to not know it.  But now the Joker of the Pack – Digvijaya Singh – also exclaimed in that Freudian slip, something equivalent to “The King has no clothes”.

He said in a statement that Congress is now trying its best to distance itself from:

“Personally, I feel that this model hasn’t worked very well. Because, I personally feel that there should not be two power centres and I think whoever is the Prime Minister must have the authority to function although Sonia Gandhi has really never interfered in the functioning of the government,” Singh said.

He tries on to further elaborate when he realized that the cat was out of the bag:

“I feel that Sonia Gandhi is the last person to intervene… interfere in governance. Of course, she has led the party from a period when the party itself was helpless. We hardly had two chief ministers at that time to a situation where we have formed government in Delhi in 2004 and 2009.
“Therefore, I think… I strongly feel that… when time comes and if the Congress gets majority or it is in a position to form the government, I think Rahul Gandhi should take the call,”

Well, if she is as innocuous and non-interfering and remains home like a dutiful Mother of her Rahul Baba, then WHAT IS SHE A POWER CENTER OF??  Her Kitchen Sink???!!

The coming of Rahul Gandhi will not solve any problems.  For he is an idiot anyway.  He is not experienced, has no knowledge of things.  Making girls swoon with Casanova looks and running the country are two different things.  He can be a great male escort, but Prime Minister?  Sorry.

Can we get someone who really knows how to run a Government this time?

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