Gaia and the coming change

Last updated on Nov 14, 2011

Posted on Nov 14, 2011


Gaia, our Beloved Planet Earth, is now being bathed in an enormous inflow of Light, which was maximized on 11-11-11 beneath the light of November’s full moon. Light is full on streaming in, through, and around our planet and in, through, and around every atom of every sentient being on the planet now. This includes not only the kingdoms we know best as the human / animal kingdoms, but the plant kingdom as well, as plants are also sentient beings. Light is streaming in, through and around every atom of the mineral kingdom, as minerals, too, are sentient in their own way, and all is being bathed in Light.

We are all being connected through our heart chakras, heart center to heart center to Earth center to Sun center to Universal center. And every thought, sensation, and emotion of compassion, brotherhood, Oneness, abundance, generosity, respect, forgiveness, unconditional love, appreciation, allowing, peace, and joy amplify the Light available to the totality of All That IS.

Darkness, which is nothing Real, but rather merely the absence of Light, is being pulled from all its hiding places and transmuted into Light. There will be a moment when the Light and Absence of Light meet in momentary equilibrium, and a great shuddering will occur and then Darkness will shatter and blink out. We will still have some muck to slog through as debris is cleansed. Still, the die will have been cast, we’ll have made an irrevocable choice, and the outcome is certain.

Count on it. Rejoice, for now things can change in the twinkling of an eye. And they will. And we will bear witness to this.

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