Galileo to Giuliani: Italy's fight against Science

Last updated on Apr 7, 2009

Posted on Apr 7, 2009

Muzzling scientists which make the Government or the Church “uneasy” comes naturally to Americans.  Back in the 17th century it was Galileo Galilei and in today’s world Italy has Giampaolo Giuliani.

Galileo had forwarded the Heliocentric view of the “known Solar System” in face of geocentric view of the then Church.  And his voice was muzzled by the powers that be in Italy of that time.

Today is a different world.  We all know that Earth is not the center.  And science – special Open minded exploration is welcome… or should be!  But not in Italy.

Giampaolo Giuliani is a researcher at the National Physical Laboratory of Gran Sasso, who saw radon gas emitting from the seismically active areas and predicted that a major earthquake will strike near L’Aquila a few weeks ago.  Many small tremors were felt since the beginning of this year.  Such was the fear based on Giuliani’s prediction that Vans with loudspeakers were being driven around to ask the folks to evacuate.

The Government acted and re-assured the public – on March 31 (a week back!!) – that nothing was going to happen and the researcher – who had even mentioned the prediction on his web site – was asked to retract it back.  He did.  Nature, however, DID NOT!

The Government kept saying that it was impossible to predict earthquakes and the Head of Italy’s National Geophysics Institute dismissed Giuliani’s predictions as useless.

Meanwhile more than 150 people have died in the earthquake.

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