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General Musharraf on Recent Beheading Case; again proves Richard Clarke “Pakistanis are Pathological Liars” quip

I think we all are accustomed to the “Game of Denial” that Pakistanis play.  Except for the hard-core believers of “Fairness” fetish; no one really believes anything that Pakistan says anymore.  I mean really.  For most Government – as was obvious in Osama Bin Laden’s operation – whatever Pakistanis say has to be discounted by 100%.  It really doesn’t mean anything.  Such is the status, that now, even they do not know when they are lying anymore.

Their lying habit and manner of obfuscation is so perfected, that they have started fooling their ownselves now.  Before we go into the drilling of General Pervez Musharraf by Arnab Goswami, Times NOW journo, let us first listen to what Richard Clarke has to say about his experience of the Pakistanis.  Clarke was in State Department for a long time and held some very important portfolios including National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism, the chief counter-terrorism adviser on the National Security Council.  So, he should know what he is talking about.

Now, that we have put “where he is coming from” in its context, let us watch the interview of Musharraf to see his game of Dodging, Denial and Delusion.

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