Belief in God is Ignorance!

Belief in God is Ignorance!

We have a need to belong. To look for support. Because basically and inherently we are afraid of our ownselves. We cannot deal with being alone in this world. Through our lives we get to realize the temporary nature of the relationships and of everything material. Even happiness and joy. So, we look for that everlasting Utopian “friend” or companion.

Also, in our attempt to justify our deeds, our hypocrisy.. we need a accomplice. Someone we can USE as our justification. Whether it is through the use of that magic word called Morals or through the use of a “scripture”. We need a legitimacy to our hypocrisy.

Concept of “God” fits the bill perfectly. God is the grossest expression of infinite and omniscience there ever could be!

When the infinite reality of a wave is collapsed into the finite possibility of “a” particle and we then “experience” it as reality, our world is born. We try our lives to understand the interplay of such finite possibilities. What our observation leaves out are

Infinite – 1

possibilities which also constitute reality!

In our arrogance, we use whatever knowledge we have of interplay of this ONE possible dimension and extrapolate it to rest of

Infinite – 1

part of reality and claim we know the “Truth”! If there was ever a testament to man’s egotistic hypocrisy, then God is at the top of that heap!

We probably accumulate a fraction of knowledge of that 1 possible dimension that we witness and experience in our lifetimes, and that One possibility itself is such an unmentionable tiny part of reality. How can such lack of experience qualify us to explain the “Truth” that is infinite? Isn’t talking about God then really our Ignorance?? Isn’t God then a reflection of our own vanities? Our frailities? Our egos? Our hopes and fears?

Why do we still believe in it? Because we are afraid to look in the direction of the “Truth” and say – ‘I DON’T KNOW!”. We cannot bare our ignorance. And such display of ignorance will be of cosmic proportions!

Our collective and historical lack of confidence in admitting the obvious has created this unique need to believe in a utopian God, who is a personification of our own minds. Minds, which are imperfect, self-centered and limited.

Even if we do understand this – after being repeated by many Saints like parrots do – we look for certain signs for that experience of the infinite! Forgetting that such a beckoned experience is in itself no different than our alchemy of God! A beckoned God is a Gross God. A figment of our own imagination. Reflection of us really!

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