GoDaddy’s Bold Bar Rafaeili Super Bowl Ad from “Smart meets Sexy” Campaign

GoDaddy’s new Super Bowl weekend ad is going to be talked about.  It shows Israeli model and businesswoman Bar Refaeli kissing a nerd named Walter (actor Jesse Heiman).

It starts off with a NASCAR driver saying “There are two sides to GoDaddy, there’s the sexy side represented by Bar Refaeli. And the smart side that creates a killer website for your small business, represented by Walter. Together, they’re perfect.”

Then the two go ahead and kiss each other passionately.  Much to Jese’s delight, it apparently took 45 takes before they could get the kiss right.  Obviously, Jesse felt he had won the championship of men.

This is part of GoDaddy’s “Smart meets Sexy” campaign.

Here is another one from that campaign.


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