Now, why the heck did Google make iPhone the Best Smartphone on Planet by releasing the Maps??

We all know that Google Maps are back on iPhone.  With a bang.

Here is the issue.  Google just bought Motorola to get a footprint in the mobile phones market.  It has Android as its spearhead OS.  Google’s direct competitor is Apple and iPhone.  The main drawback with iPhone was its lack of useful Maps application.

Then, WHY the heck did Google plug that gap in the iPhone and make it arguably the World’s BEST Smartphone?

Masochism?  Naah.  Smart focused thinking!  Check it out:

The answer boils down to advertising. Google’s smartphone operating system, Android, has always been incidental to Google’s ad business, the source of virtually all the company’s profits, and Google’s Motorola handset division is, for now, a similar sideshow. Google doesn’t particularly care what operating system you use to view its ads or engage with its sites; it just wants to pull you in. Google pumps money into Android mainly to ensure that companies like Apple and Microsoft can’t push its properties off of smartphones.

The best thing about Google is that it knows the answer to “What Business are you in?”.  The rest of its “antics” are orchestrated to boost THAT business up!


Photo Credit: yuichirock

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