Grooming (Love) Jihad - Normalizing, Weaponizing, and Broad-basing Abuse and Terror

The Kerala Story has unmasked a criminal enterprise of Grooming 'Love' Jihad factories. It is imperative to first acknowledge a crime at the intersection of women trafficking and terrorism is happening. Then to prosecute it.

Grooming (Love) Jihad - Normalizing, Weaponizing, and Broad-basing  Abuse and Terror
“The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it. Power is what all messiahs really seek: not the chance to serve. This is true even of the pious brethren who carry the gospel to foreign parts.” ― H.L. Mencken, Minority Report

The ablest accomplice of Crime is Deception.

The most damning accomplice of Civilization is Hubris.

The historical human march to the best in us has always been halted and beaten back by demonic criminals who have no depths worse enough to dive to.

If human aspiration, peace, love, liberation, and greatness is your civilizational objective, then ignorance of facts, acquiescence to crime, and silence in the face of existential assault are your most damning death wishes.

Darkness and negativity have to be and should be countered.  With all our might and abilities.

Doubts in that path are as criminal as the stratagems of the criminals perpetrating the destruction.

Weaponizing Women against their societies

Deepthi Marla belonged to the Kodagu district of Karnataka.  She was studying BDS at a college in Deralakatte when she met Anas and "fell in love".

She converted and became Mariam.  She married Anas Abdul Rahman, son of B M Basha, son of former Ullal MLA late B M Idinabba.

In January 2022, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) raided BM Basha's house and arrested Deepthi Marla alias Mariam for suspected ISIS links.

They had earlier raided Basha's home in August 2021 and arrested his other son - Amar Abdul Rehman.  Though they suspected Mariam's involvement with ISIS, they had not arrested her then but were monitoring her.  NIA wanted her for her involvement in a racket where youth are recruited for the ISIS network.  (Source: Karnataka: NIA Arrests Former MLA’s Daughter-In-Law For Suspected ISIS Links / Outlook India)

Isn't it incredible that a Hindu girl who was groomed while in college had become the most important recruiter and kingpin for ISIS with the overwhelming aim of establishing an Islamic State?

An outrageous criminal industry has been created and is being run to uproot the very basis of civilization as we know it.  And the responses range from silence to acquiescence to political correctness to outright denial!

Women are victims but no feminist dares talk about it. Patriarchal structures are being unleashed for such crimes but no woke ever squeaks!

It is in this situation, that we get an eye-opener - The Kerala Story.  A story about how three girls are converted and then trafficked for terrorism.

Let us look into the entire phenomenon - unfortunately global in its expanse and ambition - that is tearing down the very foundations of civilization as we know it.

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Grooming Gangs - Love Jihad by another name!

In England, thousands of girls have been targeted by predominantly Pakistani Muslim gangs for sexual interactions.

Here is a very heartbreaking interview with Dr. Ella Hills who is a Rotherham grooming gang survivor, where she reveals that there have been half a million victims over the last 40 years of the grooming gangs' sexual exploitation and rape industry!  

Here is the kicker - Despite all the evidence, her pleas, and the ongoing crimes, law enforcement agencies were helpless and quiet!  

Existing laws were flouted and not applied in favor of the girl victims for fear of offending the criminals.

It is only now in 2023 that the government has put the focus on battling the menace of Grooming Gangs in the UK.  That these rape crimes are committed by Pakistani Muslims has been known to all.  It is such an overwhelming failure of the entire British law enforcement system in the name of political correctness.

The predominance of Pakistani men is a very interesting factoid.  

Because a 2009 investigation by the Kerala Police showed that Pakistani terrorist organizations were planning, abetting, and financing the project of "enticing college girls of different communities to become cannon fodder for its programs."

What is strange is that in 2009, a report in Malayala Manorama (August 31st issue) shared the details from an investigation by Kerala police of the strategy being used for "Grooming (Love) Jihad" and who were behind it - Pakistani terrorist organizations! - The allegation that Muslim ‘boys’ entice Hindu girls into marriage for reasons other than love, and as a part of an Islamic conspiracy, is usually dismissed as a part of insidious Sangh Parivar communal propaganda. But a recent chance investigation by Kerala Police has brought out the ugly details of this sickening stratagem. The August 31 issue of a Malayalam newspaper Malayala Manorama, carried an extensive report on how a Pakistan-based terrorist organisation is planning, abetting and financing the enticing of college girls from different communities to become cannon fodder for its programmes in India. The report terms such girls ‘Love Bombs’. The modus operandi is clever. Muslim boys in Kerala are employed by the terror organisations to entice college girls. Handsome and dashing boys are selected and financed to have cars, motorbikes, most expensive clothing and a lot of cash. Their job is to move in groups, select their prey and then entice it to elope with them on the promise of marriage and a great life abroad. (Source: Political environment is the real culprit / New Indian Express)

Is that a mere coincidence?

Grooming, Stockholm Syndrome and Women Trafficking

In a report in 2021, the legal action non-profit organization called Reprieve shared the situation with the numerous British women and girls who were trafficked to Syria by Muslim male partners and their cohorts after deceptively trapping them in relationships.

As per the report:

... any apparent consent of the victims to be controlled and exploited in these cases is irrelevant when any of of the means detailed on page 21 are used, including where fraud, deception or coercion has been used to get that consent or there has been an abuse of a position of vulnerability meaning that the person has no choice.

Cases of human trafficking and sexual slavery are facilitated by traffickers (and their cohorts) presenting themselves as "boyfriends" and creating a sexually exploitative relationship.

We are looking at a complex web of Coercion, Human Trafficking, Sexual Abuse, and Terrorism intertwined via a religious stratagem to orchestrate change in the demography of a country or region.

The phenomenon of Stockholm Syndrome where the victim falls prey to the false emotional or psychological attachment to their controller is also a manifestation of psychological coercion.

And, that needs to be understood very clearly.  

Grooming and Stockholm Syndrome are tools of Psychological coercion. If these two elements are part of the conversion process then it is a criminal enterprise that needs a larger investigation.

We need to approach the criminal enterprise of religious conversions with such a specific scientific basis.

Source: "Trafficked to ISIS" /

Dr. Shirley Jülich and Dr. Eileen Oak wrote a research paper published in Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work, where they investigated the link between grooming and Stockholm syndrome.  The paper titled "Does grooming facilitate the Development of Stockholm Syndrome? The social work practice implications"

Dr. Shirley Jülich identified the conditions that exist in offender-victim relationships that are characterized by Stockholm Syndrome.  They are very instructive.

Source: Does grooming lead to Stockholm syndrome? / Massey University, New Zealand

The centrality of the destruction of old relationships and practices (rituals, festivals) when converted is a given.

Read this article on how a girl from Bradford, UK was converted to Islam when she met a Yemeni man online.

Aliyah’s pregnancy didn’t help her relationship with her own family, however. “I was desperately unhappy being away from my family. My mother was finding it hard too and would beg me to come home, but we were at loggerheads about my decision. She thought I was being reckless while I thought she was being unsupportive.” As Christmas approached, Aliyah began to struggle with the cultural differences. “Nadheer's family weren’t celebrating. I felt so internally conflicted – I was prepared to commit to Islam but seriously struggled giving up all of the things that I loved so much about my old life that were no longer applicable,” she recalled. (Source: "What it’s like to convert to Islam for the man you love" / Cosmopolitan)

It is easy to see how grooming happened.

One area needs specific understanding when it comes to Stockholm Syndrome.

Concept of kindness

The most damning element of Stockholm Syndrome is the perception of "kindness" by the victims.  This acts as the building block and the glue to create and reinforce the abuse within the context of this syndrome.  

Acts like even cessation of abuse are seen as kindness!

The normalizing of Stockholm Syndrome is striking and its understanding spectacularly missing in even popular culture.

Watch this advertisement.  While the woman was converted and her old religion was put aside, just a small gesture that does not "violate" the religion of the new family - is perceived as an "act of immense kindness".  That her entire previous life's beliefs, faith, and personality were undermined is not seen as abuse.

There is no attempt to even hide the fact that wiping out every remnant of the daughter-in-law's old belief system because it violated the groom's belief framework while "allowing" some act that is non-violative of the in-law's belief is not abuse.

If the relationship was indeed love, then since when has destruction and negation (coercion obviously) of your lover's previous identity, belief system, and faith become its hallmark?

In any progressive and liberal relationship that is the sine qua non of patriarchy and abuse.

The fact is we have normalized abuse, psychological coercion, and Stockholm Syndrome as an essential part of "interfaith" relationships.  All in the name of liberal ideals of course!

Psychopaths objectify others and have no real empathy.  The other person is not understood as a person but as a mere object of desire or use.  

When the foundation of your relationship that you choose to call love is based on the negation of and putting aside your lover's hitherto identity, then isn't your approach during courtship a mere deception?

Rituals like eating beef to complete the conversion process underline this very urge of negating the previous identity.

The experts have identified specific common traits and patterns in the workings of psychopaths specifically with respect to their so-called romantic relationships.  

It is very important to look at the patterns and the way they go about it.  

For, one will see very clear similarities between the patterns that are signatures of a psychopathic relationship with the patterns that Grooming (Love) Jihad stories take.

Stages of Psychopathic Relationships

Stage One: Idealize

The manipulator saturates the target person in multiple ways with feigned love and adoration with the declaration of appreciation and praise, without giving that person a moment to think. This is also called "Love Bombing" (a strategy very common in Grooming techniques).

Modus operandi - spend as much time as possible meeting and keeping in very frequent touch. Common patterns include (Source: The Idealize-Devalue-Discard-Hoovering Cycle (Full Guide):

  • Intense mirroring (copying of body language, traits, speech patterns and personality). A sense that the person is walking and talking in rhythm with you.
  • “Love bombing” – showering you with constant charm, warmth, entertainment, gifts, attention and adoration.
  • Constant, regular contact in person or by phone at first. Giving constant attention and often demanding it in return, especially with the narcissist.
  • Bombarding your inbox/phone/social media with constant sillyness, humor, memes, inside jokes, stories, poems etc. (They’ll latch onto whatever you like and bombard you with it).
  • Promises of some bright future plan they have concocted, of some brilliant, easy, wealthy, abundant life together. No downsides or reality checks.
  • Intense and/or frequent sexual intimacy. The intent is to make it as addictive as possible.
  • The sense that you have known each other your whole life, despite perhaps only knowing each other for days or weeks.
  • A sense that they are the perfect match or “soulmate”. This is entirely synthetic and manufactured from the psychopath/narcissist.
  • They may talk about their “crazy ex”, but compare you favorably to them, saying how much better you are, how you understand them like no one else (put a bookmark in this one, because it flips in the devalue/discard stages).
  • Also displaying apparent pity about your past stories of abuse/neglect etc. Seemingly very attentive and caring.
  • Overall, a “flying high” sense of perfection, that you have found the perfect person and the perfect relationship. Nothing else can top it. Once victims recover from the insanity of these relationships, they see how unrealistic this was.

The psychopaths employ lying, secrets, grooming, manipulation, and exploitation to achieve what they set out to do.

Stage Two: Devaluation

Once the target is hooked, manipulative ways start to gain control over the other. They use an abuse strategy called intermittent reinforcement where a "pattern of cruel, callous treatment mixed in with random bursts of affection". (Source: PsychCentral)

During this stage, the following patterns can be seen(Source: The Idealize-Devalue-Discard-Hoovering Cycle (Full Guide):

  • Withdrawing all the warmth, charm and attention they have reeled you in with.
  • Sometimes becoming openly abusive, with insults, blatant lies, belittling, mocking, criticizing, undermining, embarrassing you in group scenarios, open threats, and silent treatment.
  • Becoming cold, icy, remote, distant, and aloof. Drastically reducing their availability and contact.
  • Covert abuse – mind games, double meanings, dismissive and insulting meta-communication (words behind the words). Designed to leave you confused and doubting yourself.
  • Gaslighting – inverting reality and denying wrongdoing despite clear evidence to the contrary. Claiming things were done or said then they weren’t or vice versa.
  • Projection – putting things onto you that are actually theirs to own. Eg. saying you’re crazy, selfish, lying, cheating etc when they are. Crosses over with gaslighting in that they are flipping the script and inverting reality.
  • Seemingly moving on to new people who they seem to like better, and bombarding them with the same things they did to you in the idealize phase.
  • Triangulation – a key one – Where they’ll play you off against others, by now claiming they are so cool, while you are now the “crazy” one. Flipping the script on what they did in the idealize phase.

During this stage self-doubt, self-questioning and low self-esteem are instilled in the victim. The mind games are structured to keep the victim on the defensive even when the victim has done no wrong.

Stage Three: Discard

In this stage, the psychopath has moved the abuse to such a level that there is no sense of adventure left. They will discard you and move onto the next target.

The victims are left devastated with no recourse.

Common patterns in this stage include:

  • The toxic person may simply break off all contact with the victim with no explanation or excuse. Designed to cause maximum pain by leaving victims without any answers and feeling the whole relationship was inconclusive and unfinished.
  • May break off openly with a cruel, dismissive, cold message or conversation.
  • May cheat openly without even trying to hide it, then blame you for them cheating to add to the insult.
  • They will often wave new partners, friends and work associates in your face, either in person or on social media, trying to portray how much fun they are having with these new people now they ditched you, as they begin the cycle all over again with someone else. It’s all about mind games.

In the Grooming (Love) Jihad stories the victims are manipulated into terrorism between Stage Two and Three.

Establishing Psychopathic Factories

That is the case with one individual who manipulates people for creating psychopathic relationships. Now imagine if there was an assembly line producing such psychopathic relationships.

In November 2017, India Today did an expose on  Zainaba A.S., the head of Kerala's Popular Front of India (PFI), and her husband.  

India Today called it the "Operation Conversion Factory."

In this video, Zainab (PFI's Woman wing leader) discusses the modus operandi of how conversions are orchestrated.

Source: "Operation Conversion Mafia: Kerala's conversion factories unmasked" / India Today

The surreptitiously run "conversion factories" which are run under the garb of "educational institutes" have been converting Hindus and Christians to Islam.

Was it for bettering their lives?  Or to help them?


It was all done to further one aim of the Islamists - an Islamic State.

Source: "Operation Conversion Mafia: Kerala's conversion factories unmasked" / India Today

And one needs to understand that this does not happen in a vacuum.  The funding is going on from different sources.  The majority of the funding comes from illegal hawala process to PFI for its "Conversion Factories".

He also revealed how he raised funds for the PFI in the Middle East five years ago and sent them back home through hawala.  "At that time, (Rs) 10 lakh or something," Shareef said. "Ten lakh? And how you sent it?" asked the reporter. "Hawala," answered Shareef. He admitted both the PFI and Sathya Sarani received funding through mainstream as well as illegal hawala channels. Source: "Operation Conversion Mafia: Kerala's conversion factories unmasked" / India Today

But the media went to town announcing that per SIT no funding comes from abroad for "Love Jihad" when that specific probe by SIT was about only 14 cases lodged in Kanpur police stations. (Source: "SIT probe into ‘love jihad’ rules out conspiracy angle, outside funding" / Indian Express)

Why is there a dichotomy between what the founder of an Islamist organization reveals and what the mainstream media in says an "investigation" revealed?

Because the SIT was for cases in select police stations in one city versus what is being practiced across the country as a matter of strategy.

It is almost as if there is a sense of urgency to wash away the very existence of the Factory-like process that is being followed across the region for the establishment of an "Islamic State" by Islamist organizations.

The Kerala Story - Unleashing Civilizational War

Kerala is divided into two regions:

  1. North Kerala (Malabar): Includes Kasargod, Kannur, Wayanad, Malapurram, and Palakkad
  2. South Kerala (Travancore-Cochin): Includes Thrissur, Ernakulam, Idukki, Kottayam, Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta, Kollam, Thiruvananthapuram.

The religious distribution is very distinct.

Source: Center for Policy Studies

The change has been brought about by the different rates of population growth in Kerala.

Source: Center for Policy Studies

The attack on Kerala's demography was brought out in 2010 by the then Kerala chief minister V S Achuthanandan at a press meet in Delhi.

Source: Kerala CM criticised for speaking out against ‘love jihad’ / Economic Times

Here is what he said.


This was in line with the investigations by India Today that we have already discussed.

It is not as if the evidence is not there or people have not talked about this extensively.  They have.  

In the court case - Shahan Sha A vs State Of Kerala on 9 December 2009 - the Kerala High Court Justice K.T.Sankaran discussed the phenomenon of Love Jihad and discussed about it as a "Project".

Source: India Kanoon

Apart from that, several people have discussed the same points over and over again.  

Check these.

Pala (Kerala) Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt says "Their aim is to promote their religion & end non-Muslims. They use 'love jihad' & narcotic jihad ."


Ernakulam girl trapped through love jihad, converted to Islam, tortured, and was being prepared to be transported to Syria to deliver her to the Islamic State. The ISIS recruiters in Kerala, Fayas, and Siyad were arrested by Ernakulam Rural SP, and the case was been handed over to NIA.


All these cases have been met with the same silence, criminal acquiescence, denial, and even push back just as the Grooming Gang cases in the UK were met with.

Whatever way you look at this - we have a civilizational war on our hands.

Islamist Grooming Epidemic: Where are we and the Next Steps

We have established a few things by now through various sources and evidence.

  1. A crime is being committed
  2. Against women
  3. Who are being trafficked
  4. Not a few isolated crimes but in several thousand
  5. Across geographies
  6. In different ways
  7. One aim - establishment of the Islamic State
  8. Assembly line-style factories have been set up for these crimes
  9. Legal loopholes, political correctness, political expediency, vote bank expediencies, silence, terror funding, and global infrastructure - are used to perpetuate this
  10. Bottomline - Women are cannon fodder in a religious criminal enterprise

That is where our societies are under the onslaught of the Islamic State's ambitions.  

Whether it is the UK, India in general, Kerala specifically, European countries in general and Nordic countries in specific - we have an Islamist Grooming epidemic.

At least with respect to UK and India, there is enough evidence to see the involvement of Pakistanis in orchestrating, planning, executing, and funding this criminal enterprise.

Make no mistake - it is a form of terrorism.  Love Bombing replaces Suicide Bombing.  The aims, the means, the players, and the psychopathic mindset behind this form of terrorism is the same as any.

It is time that it is recognized as a global crime and countries impacted by this terror epidemic collaborate openly to chalk out detailed and executable plans to counter this larger menace.

Women Trafficking is the tool, Terrorism is its way and Religious Imperialism is its agenda.

So, above all, it is a crime against women.  If nothing else.

But no action will be possible unless we acknowledge that a crime is being committed.

And, that is where we need to start.

Use surveillance, forensics, data analytics, and technological evidence to establish the:

  • Crime
  • Handlers
  • Process
  • Impact

Without clear evidence, it becomes a "He said, She said" match of words.  

And, it is in that grey area that criminal enterprises thrive.  

For, manipulating words, opinions and political discourse is a skill that has been mastered by these groups.

It is a civilizational crime now to be a bystander.

Video Corner: Destruction of Civilization by a Brute Psychopath

The evil in humans is lurking in every generation and every society.

How it is encouraged and promoted such that it becomes the harbinger of demonic crimes is the key to human existence.

Many societies have created civilizations that would be the pride of any human being.  But along came invading brutes pillaging, raping and plundering to destroy it all.

History lesson - it is not just important to raise human consciousness to its peak but also imperative to defend against those who have sunk to the lowest and are motivated to destroy human progress.

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