Gujarati Food will be in Space soon, courtesy Sunita Williams

Gujarati food will finally make its way up into the space now.  As they say, you can find a Gujarati anywhere you go.  Well, as Sunita Williams – from a Gujarati Dad and Slovenian Mom – goes to the space the second time, she will carry her food along.  Isn’t that how we Indians do it, after all?

Her family is from Ahmedabad and her Uncle Dinesh Raval, (a local Congress leader) is leaving for US carrying some Gujarati fare for her.  She loves Gujarati sweets and Samosas (although Samosas aren’t really Gujarati in the real sense!).

I wonder if it will be better to buy all that from the local Edison market in New Jersey?  I mean to get all that from Ahmedabad would take lot of effort in refrigeration as Samosas can go bad real fast.  Of course, Shrikhand may hold up for quite a bit.

Again, am not sure if that food can pass the scrutiny of the Space agency’s specifications for food to be taken up there.

Sunita is also planning to adopt a girl child from Gujarat after hearing about the high level of female foeticide.

Sunita’s mission will be launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on July 14.  She will start off as flight engineer on the station’s Expedition 32 and then take over as the Flight commander on Expedition 33, when she reaches there.

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