Higg's Boson: will it be the end of religion and God?

Last updated on Sep 10, 2008

Posted on Sep 10, 2008

At the heart of all science and even spirituality is a simple question:

How does the Infinite become Finite?

or, how does energy become mass.  The building block of the entire universe and creation is the same energy wave that manifests as different subatomic particles.  Somewhere and somehow, the energy wave assumes mass and gets to manifest itself differently – as a quark or electron or whatever else.  The element which gives mass – and a differing one – to the same wave of energy is what the Brit physicist Peter Higgs called Higg’s Boson or famously called God’s particle!

For this boson is at the base of the biggest mystery of creation!

The religious and those who could’t be bothered with some analysis were content to call that “missing link” as God.  The physicists are also looking for a help to plug this hole – between infinity and the finite.

Will they find it?  More importantly, will God become irrelevant?  For if you know the link that created matter out of energy, then why does one need a Plug called God??  The adjectives that one attributes to God are just a play of the mind anyways.. we characterize and paint that plug called God in the color of our prejudice.

So, honestly the Higg’s boson goes to the heart of religion itself and the need for God as an accepted but incomplete explanation of truth of creation!

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