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Hinduphobia Alert – Ramayana Quiz show Sreshta Bharatham contestant Rahul K trolled and abused by Secularists

Amrita TV started a program called Sreshta Bharatham.  It is a is a reality show based on the epic ‘Ramayana’.    One of the contestants, Rahul K, a class IX student from Kannur, left everyone shocked by his knowledge of Ramayana.  It’s a quiz show.

Ramayana quiz show Sreshta Bharatham on Amrita TV has a star contestant named Rahul K, who is being trolled and abused by Seculars @AmritaTV #SreshtaBharat  Click To Tweet

Recently, a snippet video of one of the episodes went viral on social media, in which Rahul is being appreciated by Kavalam Sreekumar, Dr N Gopalakrishnan and Rahul Easwar, the judges of the show. In the video, Dr Gopalakrishnan mentions that he has become a huge fan of the kid. In another episode, activist Rahul Easwar also appreciated Rahul watching his arguments on the character ‘Shurpanakha’ from Ramayanam. (source)

The show is hosted by actress-turned -anchor Nithya Das.

The kid and the show have been very well received.

But that has created an issue with the so-called Seculars in India.  And the result is that they are abusing the kid, the show and even his parents!  And it is this extremist way of the so-called Secularism that we explored in our earlier article – Is Self Righteous Anti-Hindu Bigotry the new normal for Indian Secularism?

The express purpose of this show is to explore and promote Indian culture.  And, this whole attitude towards what was done by the Indians in India and being antagonistic to it, while promoting half based Western ideas is truly masochistic.  But that is what Hinduphobia is. And nothing has demonstrated this more than the reactions to this contestant of Sreshta Bharatham.