How could Infinite become Finite?

How has the Infinite – the Absolute – become the finite?

The Absolute has become the Universe by coming through Time, Space and Causation.  The world of causation works with a premise that everything occurs BECAUSE of a cause.  That everything and everyone is bound to others by cause and effect.  The presumption of Cause and Effect assumes the limitation of Space and Time.  If we work within the paradigm of Cause and Effect then we cannot answer the question of “Who created everything?”  However, we know that whatever we are subject to – can only be – at least for the time being – be answered from the perspective of Cause and Effect only!  The Law of Karma functions in only that construct.  However, the way to get to the Infinite is to go BEYOND the time, space and Causation.  Now the question is how do we – will being subject to effects of causation free ourselves from the “eternal” links of cause and effect?

“I understand This”  – I is the subject and ‘This” is the object.  When we try to “understand God” we make “God” the object.. while “It” is the eternal Subject.  We are the observed.. and when we convert ourselves as the subject… we create a whole new world of our own!  We sort of convert the Solarcentered world into an earth centered world!  When we take it upon ourselves to “judge” other creation or events as subjects then … we introduce an ego that distorts the picture!  If we can but be content to remain the objects… then we are one with everything.

While it is becoming clearer as to – if the question – How did Infinite become Finite – even a valid one.  But what is still not absolutely clear is how can the finite – in the constant throes of causation – free itself and become the causeless!

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