How does one Promote Spiritual Profundity?

A teacher who has some worthwhile knowledge to share with the world seeks to touch as many people as she can so she can enrich lives around her. An advertiser selling something like Coke – which is harmful to health and is an absolute non-value add – tries to get to as many people as he can to get more buyers. A fanatic who seeks to create an ideological Army for his conquests, also seeks people to convert them to his thinking.

The people in the society are the same (same market), the tools to promote one’s ideas and media used are the same. The motives are articulated in very similar words, for – the fanatic and the advertiser clothe their products and ideologies in terms denoting the “High Road” of life.

In such a situation, the teacher who wants to touch lives of people with something useful, becomes very lonely. If she shows zeal and passion to share, then she is equated to the fanatic. If she tries to be creative, she is thrown in the box where the advertisers are thriving. The very insinuation that she is, by a matter of rhetorical association been confined to the likes of an advertiser and a fanatic is enough to kill her entire life’s work.

How does one, in such a world, share Profundity? More importantly, how do you share Profundity without bringing it down to the level of advertisers or fanatics? Because, the tools, the promotional words, the platforms, the technologies remain the same!

How does one play the game of this world to the best without being sucked by the mess of it?

This question becomes even more acute if what you want to share is Spiritual experience. Not Spiritual knowledge. But Experience.

Beyond the words and the stories is the unheard, the unspoken and the untouched realm. A realm where no physical equivalent comes handy. Where, if someone were to ask you unwarned ‘Who are you?”… you burst out with a tearful “I am”. Because you know you are, but you can’t explain what or who. In this realm, the words lose meaning. In this world, you realize that words of a teacher are completely useless. Indeed nonsensical. It is but a game that He is playing, not because He wants to, but because there is nothing else he can use outside of that subtle existence and in this gross world.

How does one translate the pain, the bliss, the love and the passion of that world in this world? What do I say? Shall I say that I met God? I didn’t. But it would be wrong to also say that I didn’t touch the divine. Because I did.

Shall I say that the teacher is God Himself? I can’t. But I have no other adjective either. But in a world where every teacher is called a God, just because he has a benign and a Saintly smile, what value is calling a teacher who helps you touch the divine a God? The word and expression has been bastardized to a level where it has lost meaning!

The greatest disservice that happened to Spirituality was making it pedestrian. It should never have been allowed to be treated and handled in an irresponsible manner. Once that happened, there was no difference in a person getting wild in ecstatic singing and a Yogi who was ecstatic because he was blissful. The quality of both the beings and energies are different. One is ecstatic not because something outside has made him so, but the outside complements his bliss completely.

Between the outright comical and the intellectually appealing nonsense, Spirituality has been stomped on because it stepped outside of a careful environment where care was taken to preserve the seriousness and its profundity. Without that, this science and the experience has no meaning. It is at best a placebo which gves you a peaceful moment or two but will remain totally useless if you want to progress to the highest level that you possibly can get to as a human being.

The comical and the intellectual nonsense peddlers have been very smart. They have taken the verbiage intact. And then added some. And packaged it all well to make it look like the real Spiritual knowledge and experience. But, one close look – which requires years of ruthless questioning to differentiate Untruth from Truth – brings you face to face with the reality.

How do you share that distinction? How do I say that here is a Mango which has ripened on the tree branch and has taken in all that nature has to offer in its entirety and there we have a Mango which is brilliant in color, but no taste, due to the auxins and chemicals that were poured on it? How do I say, please taste the Mango… and find the difference? Auxins have altered the game for the ripe mango from the branch.


If you maybe interested to taste for yourself, the Mango that nature nurtured and is available for your own bliss, then please do check out this:

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