How Fatima Jinnah Women’s University Pimps students for Honey trapping careers

How Fatima Jinnah Women’s University Pimps students for Honey trapping careers

In Pakistan these days, anything is possible!  Fatima Jinnah Women’s University had an interesting advertisement earlier this year in August to recruit for honey-trapping work.  Now, honey-trapping is a well-known technique in intelligence and espionage.  It has been employed from time immemorial.  However, it is something that individuals choose to indulge in when they make a conscious choice of an espionage career.  It is – honey trapping specifically – not something that is on offer at universities as a career.

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The job ad

The said advertisement was on behalf of a “Military owned” media house looking for women candidates.  The ad’s copy read:

“Military owned media house is looking for a Social Media Specialist (FEMALE) to attract and interact with targeted virtual communities and networks users”.

This is how the ad was with the tag line of the university “Opening portals of excellence through higher education” prominently displayed.

Fatima Jinnah Women's University

Wow, that is a very explicit advertisement on what is needed – to attract and interact.  Or honey-trapping in other words!

Honey Trapping as a career option

Now, on an obvious level it is an attempt to create honey-trapping mechanisms using these women.  As Opindia suggested, many instances of honey-trapping of Indian jawans who have shared important information to these ISI backed women handlers have come to light recently.

Recently, Army Jawan Ravinder Kumar Jadav was arrested by the police for leaking sensitive information to ISI. He was allegedly honey-trapped by a woman who posed as a captain in the nursing corps of Indian Army. The woman was suspected to be an agent of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency and had reportedly honey-trapped at least two personnel and an army aspirant in the last 15 months.
The investigation had revealed that this woman had approached the men she trapped on Facebook through fake profiles. The suspected ISI agent used Indian numbers for WhatsApp through which she interacted with the three men. (source)

How to organize their security establishment’s offensive ways is upto ISI and all power to them for making it work.  In that they will obviously employ overt and covert methods to get their, often dirty, work done.

And, that is something that we need to understand – that all countries and hostile powers around us will use any, often devious, means to challenge us.

Women Universities as pimping agents?

However, what is most shocking to us is that a Women’s University was sharing an advertisement on its career section where the intent of the Military “Social Media Agency” was to recruit women to lure and attract men – mostly jawans from armed forces.

Lure men to engage in raunchy, sexual and improper chats, interactions and exchanges.  A Women’s University which offers up its girl students for engaging in luring men for sexual interactions, even if they are virtual in nature is fundamentally acting as a pimping institution.

How else can you describe it?

If someone wanted on her own to take up that career with the ISI and do it, its different.  But when a university’s career portal advertises it, it becomes a career offering from the University itself.

It reminds me of the hiring week when I was graduating from my MBA school.  Employers would come and interview and shortlist you, based on your applications which you would have sent upon reading the ads on our schools bulletin.  The MBA school would then advertise in the next year’s school ads for tests to take in new students on what career options were possible after the MBA course.

In case of Fatima Jinnah’s Women’s University, one of the career options on offer officially is – Luring and attracting men from India (specifically armed forces) by engaging in online sexual interactions.


Universities are for education and preparing students from some lofty goals for society.  To nurture students for sexually luring men, cannot be one of those goals.  As a new graduate or an aspirant who is evaluating that university for my education, I would find that utterly disgusting!  But in Pakistan, and for it’s premier university – Fatima Jinnah Women’s University – it’s a different story altogether.

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