How Game of Throne Season 8 ratings plummeted – Ennui or lack of Quality?

How Game of Throne Season 8 ratings  plummeted – Ennui or lack of Quality?

By many accounts, Season 8 of Game of Thrones was the worst ever.  The reactions from the fans and the metrics lays that out clearly.  The problem really started in the penultimate episode where Khalisi went mad and butchered so many in King’s Landing.

This fan explains it best.

The way Dany (Khalisi) went mad in the end and gotten rid off obviously did not go well with the audience.  Had she not gone crazy with the killing, people may have gotten a taste of an interesting love story, albeit incestuous one, between her and Jon.  But it wasn’t to happen and Jon had to put things to an end!

It seemed in this season that the writer, director and producers were in a hurry to bring the whole series to a close.  And they took story into such mind-boggling turns that it did not come as credible.  And this tweet brings home the issue with the writing department and the thinking behind the structuring of the story.

Finally, this one tweet shows the difference between the quality of the Season 1 vs Season 8.

And now for some real statistics.  Here is a chart from Chartr showing how the Game of Thrones’ ratings went in all the seasons.  As you can see there was a certain ennui with the whole story and series to begin with.  And it got worse as the Season 8 progressed.  But the damage was truly done in the penultimate episode and then the last episode solidified the utter failure of the last season of the one of the greatest show on TV in history.

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