How Malayali ISIS recruiter gave WhatsApp call to Kill Hindus

How Malayali ISIS recruiter gave WhatsApp call to Kill Hindus

In a TimesNow exclusive, we came to know how Abdul Rasheed, the Kerala Muslim ISIS recruiter who has motivated atleast 20 Kerala Muslims to travel all the way to Syria to fight for ISIS.  Now he has sent a WhatsApp message where he is asking the Kerala Muslims to go out and kill the Hindus and Christians.  But he specifically discusses in detail on how to kill the Hindus – where he talks about ramming trucks into Maha kumbh mela.

The voice in the audio clip, posted on a WhatsApp group called ‘Light of Kerala’, is suspected to be that of Abdul Rashid, an engineering graduate. Abdul Rashid is believed to be the man behind the exodus of 21 Keralites to Afghanistan .This is reportedly the 50th such clip that has emerged on the WhatsApp group ‘Light of Kerala’.

Kerala has become the new hotbed of religious intolerance and communal extremism, where not just the Islamic groups, but even the Christian Churches have an extremely hard-line agenda.

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