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How Pakistan’s ISI uses Indian Journalists to peddle its Kashmir narrative

IN October 2016, an ISI ring was very active within the Pakistani High Commissioner in New Delhi.  It was taken down and the main kingpin was sent back to Pakistan.  The Pakistani High Commissioner was Abdul Basit.

When alleged that Abdul Basit was working as an agent of ISI, he countered by saying that he was proud of ISI.

This same Abdul Basit says in one interview on how he approached many media folks and personally influenced one commentator – Shobha De – to write things that Pakistan wanted to promote in India about Kashmir.  Including the canard about the plebiscite.

So when people say that Indian media is full of presstitutes, this is what they really mean.

The Pakistani establishment has been influencing the Indian media to write against India and peddle ISI’s narrative.  This was brought out clearly in Ghulam Nabi Fai’s episode, but nothing happened to those who used to be used by him.

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