How Social Media Tools helped in EMC's Cost Transformation program

Here is a rather interesting interview with the EMC CFO David Goulden on how he started a Cost Transformation program at his company.

One thing that I found rather interesting was that even a department as "uninteresting" as Finance, used Social Media tools within the company to not only collect ideas but also disseminate specific messages that helped them accomplish their finance goals.  Here is how he puts it:

As an IT company, we use a fair amount of social media networking, and while we might not necessarily have thought through all of the expense management avenues here at corporate, we really used social media internally as an idea generation machine.

Communication is not just for the media guys but for everybody in the company.  Unless you can communicate your thoughts and articulate your goals well, you will be in a soup and not able to accomplish even the technical goals.

Have you or has your company used social media tools to communicate within or with outsiders?

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