How the Pakistani Mullahs Motivate Suicide Bombers

This is how the Pakistani muslim youth are prepared as suicide bombers.  The guy seems to be suggesting that the Muslims are simply wasting their time here running after useless and dirty women, because there – in Jannat, or Heaven – they will have women who will utterly beautiful and available for the taking.  Such will be their beauty that their skin will show from under their clothes.  And when a man is still taking one woman, the other one will tap on his back and say “leave the one under you” and come with me.  He exhorts his audience – you can have them as much as whatever way you want.  For, Allah has promised that there in Jannat, he will give a man the “Sexual Power” of 100 men.  So, here you may only last a few minutes, but there in Jannat, you will go on till ever… with any number of nymphs!

Rightly or wrongly – while brandishing verses from Quran and Hadiths, he really makes Jannat to be one whorehouse and Allah to be some kind of a Pimp.  And, why would he be in this business one wonders?

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