How Congress Governments Humiliated the Indian Army – Part 2

How Congress Governments Humiliated the Indian Army – Part 2
General Shabeg

Continuing from the last part on Indian Army, let us understand the situation that the Indian Army has faced in a series of discussions.

Lt. Col. Purohit has become the poster child of what has gone wrong with the Army. But he is NOT the first who has resorted to arms AGAINST the Indian interests and Indians.

Back in 1980s there was another Army officer – a General – General Shahbeg Singh – a decorated War Hero of the 1965 and 1971 wars, who was a close confidant of Jarnail Singh Bhinderanwala and one who led the fight against Indian Army during Operation Bluestar and who is credited with having trained many Khalistani militants.

He was from some accounts one of the main officers who fought for the Haji Pir post as well.

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In 1947, he was at Naushera in Jammu and Kashmir fighting against the Pakistan Army. While at Staff College, in addition to the academic work, he set a record in winning three, point to point and five flat races on horse back a record never equaled. Because of his knowledge of military science and excellent grasp of military operations he was appointed a Brigade Major after the staff course. As Brigade Major of 166 Infantry Brigade- a crack formation, he feit most at home when the formation was out on military exercises.

In 1962 during the India-China war, he was in NorthEast Frontier Agency as a Lt Col in HQ four Corps where he was GSO-J (Intelligence). In the 196S operations against Pakistan, he was in the Haji Pir Sector in Jammu and Kashmir, commanding a battalion of Gorkha troops. He commanded 3/11 Gorkha Rifles with distinction and was mentioned in dispatches for the capture of important enemy positions on the Haji Pir front.
In 1971 started the clandestine insurgency operations in East Pakistan. Shabeg Singh in BangladeshThe Indian Army Chief Field Marshal Manekshaw specially selected Shabeg Singh, then a brigadier, and made him in-charge of Delta Sector with lead Quarters at Aggartala. He was given the responsibility of planning, organizing and directing insurgency operations in the whole of Central and East Bangladesh.

Where did General Shahbeg Singh go wrong? He was one of the finest officers – specially a trainer of guerilla commandos that India had! He was handpicked by the Great Sam Maneckshaw for leading position in Bangladesh war.

It is the same question. His “wrong turn” did NOT start with a religious spark but it was probably the disenchantment at the utter nonsense prevalent in the Indian system where the Politicians could subjugate and humiliate the Indian soldier day in and day out and YET demand the greatest of sacrifices.

The politician can bask in the goodness of India’s masses only so long as they don’t completely mess the country up and, in my view, they have stepped over that line LONG time back.

There must be over 1 crore retired (and some not so old) Defense Officers in the country today. Depending on from where you look at it.. they could represent the ONLY ray of hope for saving the integrity of the Indian nation or revolting against the Indian establishment. No one wants a coup – but if that is where the common politician of the country is taking this thing.. then there are only a few options left!

Patience’s virtue is NOT in its infinite existence…. but in its demonstration at the toughest of moments. Sometimes its absence shows its greatest strength as well.

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