Hyma Sagi – NRI lady leaving for India to join politics on her own terms

Hyma Sagi

There are many people who want to do something for India. They want to go back. But very few can. Of those, still few can go back to dedicate their lives to something larger than themselves. Very few people in this world can indeed be driven by their passion.

I have been lucky to know one such lady – Hyma Sagi or Hyma Praveen. Praveen and Hyma have been my friends for last 3 years. They are an amazing couple.

The interview: [audio:http://wp.patheos.com.S3.amazonaws.com/blogs/drishtikone/files/interviewhyma1.mp3|titles=Interview with Hyma Sagi]

They both run a software company, participate in community activities, volunteer for Isha Foundation and do things very few people can. Last week a farewell party was organized for Hyma and Praveen. It was a party quite unlike the rest. It was inspirational, educational and above all a demonstration of what will and strong intention can accomplish.

I sat down with Hyma today to discuss her plans, her life and her thoughts on this transition.

You can donate to her campaign and read more about her at Hyma’s Voice.

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