India suffers complete cricket humiliation

Last updated on Jan 15, 2012

Posted on Jan 15, 2012

Ishant Sharma out and series wrapped!

Surely, this must be one heck of a humiliation for the Indian team, as they lose a Test match in just two-and-half days to Australia heading to a straight 3-nil loss.  With two consecutive innings losses, the humiliation is complete.

Somehow, the famed Indian batting line just capitulated in face of pace bowling from Hilfenhaus, an ex-Brickie labourer!  It was not just that the batsmen went down easily, but the entire battery of the new and young bowlers from India hardly made a dent on the Australian batting.  Enough of their batsmen made huge scores in these matches.

Consequently, the cricketers from India will lose 20% of their brand value they fetch in endorsements.  Which serves them right.  Actually, they should lose more than that.

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