India Today Sex Survey shows small towns aren’t so innocent after all

India Today‘s sex survey has brought out some bizarre facts about small towns in India.  The concept of small towns and villages as “simple and innocent” is probably just a romantic idea after all.  Here are some interesting points:

  • Aizawl has the highest percentage of individuals who nominate their boyfriends/girlfriends as the first sexual partner. It also reports the highest percentage of live-in relationships, as well as those with multiple sexual partners.
  • 58% of respondents in Kota detach emotions from sex
  • Wife-swapping is rampant in Asansol in West Bengal
  • Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh is obsessed about watching partners undress
  • Salem is the place where partners fake headaches the most to put off sex
  • Respondents in Kottayam (9%) have used sex enhancers during intercourse
  • 11 per cent of Ratlam (again!) respondents have done threesomes and 14% are okay with homosexuality even if it involves one’s spouse.
  • Guntur is the capital of one-night stands in India.

Are these numbers telling the real story of these places?  No, seems to be the view of the locals:

Pawan Sharma, editor of a Hindi newspaper, trashes Ratlam’s reputation as swinger central where 11% of its respondents have done threesomes and 14% are okay with homosexuality even if it involves one’s spouse. “Such activities are limited to the highway stretch near Neemuch, 35 km from the city, where sex workers line up on the road,” he says.

India Today has been a pioneer in bringing out the trends in sex in India out in the open.  Moral compass aside, it does tell a story about the India that resides in the bedrooms.  If this story is real or not is a different question altogether.  A survey is a survey is a survey.  It has its biases and misses.

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