Indian Jawans’ Beheading by Pakistani Army

Indian Jawans’ Beheading by Pakistani Army

Two Indian soldiers have been beheaded.  As we discussed this is an extremely barbaric act and an inhuman behavior.  Even animals can do better than that.  I have put two videos at the bottom of the post which you should view.  One is the Rajdeep Sardesai’s program and the other is Arnab Goswami’s program.  Both have Pakistani “guests” and “analysts” talking.  Both try their best to get to the facts but they are being heckled by the Pakistani guests.

Before we go forward, I would like to point out that both, Rajdeep and Arnab are not extremely knowledgeable or well informed in all the debating points.  Neither are the Indian guests.  The boggies that the Pakistanis are bringing up are pretty standard, yet they are not being put down.  Let us first go through the main arguments:

“It is your allegation.  We deny it”: 

Until now, in the Pakistani attacks over the years, India has made the following arguments, which Pakistan has denied.  Very similar to this one and the reactions by the “Pakistani analysts” were no different.  Let us go through them:

1947 Attack on Kashmir

Indian Argument: Pakistani Army planned and executed the attack and was done in a very brutal way.

Pakistan Argument:  The attack was done by Tribals and Pakistani Army didn’t have a role in it.

Truth: The attackers were indeed the Pakistani Army regulars and the whole operation was planned and executed via the GHQ and the money came from the PM treasury.  In the accompanying video Barrister Hamid Bashani discussed from 7:01 onwards and he cites the credible Pakistani sources including a book by Shaukat Hayat (Kaum Ghamghashta), a close friend of Mohd Ali Jinnah. He says in that book that he was made the “incharge of Kashmir” and he worked with Brigadier Akbar and Brig Sher Khan, top military officers in Kashmir. Hayat along with Akbar and Sher Khan worked with Khurshid Anwar, Commander in Chief of National Guard of Muslim League in NWFP. Rs 300,000 was given for this operation from the PM Treasury. The ammunition was given to the Tribals by these officers.

I think before the Indian analysts like Rajdeep Sardesai, Arnab Goswami, and Barkha Dutt go debating these points, should at least get the books cited by Barrister Hamid Bashani and read them so they can talk credibly on Kashmir.  For more on Kashmir, they should read my two detailed articles – Definitive Story of Kashmir Part 1 & Definitive Story of Kashmir Part 2).  The facts I have written in my articles have been corroborated by Barrister Hamid Bashani along with credible citations from the writings of the top Political and Military establishment figures.


Indian argument: It was an Operation planned and executed by the Pakistani regular Army, spearheaded by the Northern Artillery.

Pakistani alibi: They were the Jehadis.

Truth: They were from Northern Artillery and the whole operation was planned by the Gang of Four, headed by General Musharraf and it included General Kayani.  Check out the video from the popular Pakistani analyst, Najam Sethi. (Part 2 . Part 3)

Mumbai Attacks:

Indian Argument: The operation was planned by existing and retired Pakistani army officers and the Jehadis were trained by them for the operation.
Pakistani alibi: Mumbai Attacks were done by India’s own “disgruntled” Muslims

Truth: David Headley’s evidence is very clear that Pakistani officers were involved in the whole operation – planning, training and execution of it all.  Please listen to the two videos of the, rather fearless analyst, Najam Sethi.  In one he says first that well, “Pakistanis were involved, but not the Pakistani establishment”.  In the second video, however, he is very clearly saying that it


indeed Pakistani establishment which was behind the Mumbai attacks due to the “stupid remarks” by Asif Ali Zardari to Karan Thappar in his program.

What is indeed very interesting is that even analysts like Najam Sethi, who speak clearly and openly – with credible information – ALSO sometimes do not directly affirm the Truth, that comes out in different ways… from them itself.  In any case, his point is well taken.

Najam Sethi – “26/11 was by Pakistanis but not establishment”

Najam Sethi – “26/11 was the reaction of the Rogue Pakistani establishment


What India says is not allegations, but Truth that is later – sometimes grudgingly and sometimes surreptitiously admitted by Pakistanis themselves at the highest levels.  In fact no version of the events of Pakistanis has ever been correct!  (Pakistani lies of History: Part 1 . Part 2 . Part 3 . Part 4)  The evidence about the complete lies of Pakistani establishment and their proxies in their dealings with India is so overwhelmingly huge that it is nauseating.  It is a crime against India, if the Indian TV anchors and those who debate these topics on Indian and Pakistani TV, do not bring them up clearly and credibly!

“One of our Jawan was killed a day before.  It was instigation for the killing of your two jawans”: First of all, many of India’s jawans also die and have died in the cross-border firing.  The anger here is not about the killing of the jawans.  If you are on the border and have an enemy across the border, such things can happen.

The issue is of the beheading and mutilation of the bodies.  THAT, Pakistani friends, is the bone of contention.  THAT, is against the Geneva convention.

The same issue happened with Lt. Saurabh Kalia and his jawans and same with these two.  As the General who was heading the Northern Command said in Arnab’s program below, in another incident, a jawan from his command was also beheaded.. not just beheaded but the Pakistanis actually played football with his head.  It came out in his own investigation.

As for the Pakistani claims that this is not true – only your allegation, we don’t buy it; please refer to the abundance of evidence due to which this bird doesn’t seem to fly anymore.  The Indian Army does indeed give a true picture of the whole barbarism that is perpetrated by the Pakistani Army – whether it was about the rapes of the nuns and other women, looting by the “Tribals” and the Army regulars in 1947-48; or the Mumbai Attacks or Kargil itself.

So, why don’t the Pakistanis come up with a better alibi.  Such nonsense doesn’t work anymore.

“Allegations against each other will not help, only talks to build trust will”:

Well, as much as one can see the “Peace Talks” between India and Pakistan serve one big purpose – they are the biggest career insurance for out-of-work, irrelevant, poetry singing, old people.  These talks have not achieved much and if such attitudes prevail in Pakistan – not just in the main Pakistani establishment, but the media analysts and the general media itself; then we have a FAR bigger issue than nailing and fighting the “rogue elements” of the Pakistani establishment!  For, from where I see, Rogues and non-Rogues seem indistinguishable!

For the Devil to succeed, it is not important for the moderates to sing his praises; but just enough to not call his bluff.

So, all those Pakistani media men – who jump to come to India – and the Pakistani analysts who say how their hearts beat for India-Pak peace, it is important for them to nail the lies of their own establishment AS IT HAPPENS!!  Najam Sethi and others like Barrister Hamid Bashani and even Tarek Fatah – do so after the fact or in a place where it is not resonating much.  When it happens, they have to call it out!

Drishtikone’s take

First and foremost, we have to educate the masses and more importantly our anchors and debaters with the correct set of facts and history.  The sense of history of MOST, in fact all that I have seen, Media men and women is woefully inadequate.  On the other hand, the media men and women in Pakistan who come to debate or call Indians have their facts well laid out.

In the media wars of today – specially when the Indian analysts are being called on Pakistani TV program and vice versa, it is imperative that ours go properly armed with facts intact.

Second, as the Indian Army person said in Rajdeep’s show – India needs a set of “Red Lines” and a strategic response statement for everyone of them.  Then, it is not a matter of executive orders or discretion.  For, in that case, when “A” happens, Action “Y” is activated.  Plain and simple.  One needs to evaluate the current situation, but unless there is some extreme case – the action should not be stopped.  In fact the Government should have a lot of explaining to do, if it abandons the course of an action when a “Red Line” is crossed by Pakistan.

This needs active and dynamic military policy which strongly targets the growth and sustenance of the Pakistani Nuclear Program.  Pakistan’s use of it Nuclear Deterrence is to promote terrorism of the most barbaric kind and it cannot be allowed to do so.

Third, contrary to what most media people, old-peaceniks of “Aman ki Asha” or politicians suggest – Indians of all hues aren’t so kicked up about any so-called talks happening with Pakistan.  India doesn’t need anything from that country and doesn’t need to give anything to that country either.  Let us just cut everything off of with them.  Let them live in their own world – they wanted their nation, they got it.. let them enjoy it in tranquility.  Why disturb them?  No Indian business cares a rats ass about Pakistan and honestly, no one gains anything from them.

The upside of this “Stand aloof – you do your own shit, while we do ours” policy is that they – Pakistanis – anyways are Masters at self-annihilation.  They are well on track to implode.  Why disturb their joyous ride?  Let them have fun.  If at all, just put some cameras on the border or through a satellite, and let us watch the fun as well, just as it happens in the Big Bosss’ house.

TIMES NOW’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami’s Program

Debate moderated by TIMES NOW’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, panelists — Mahroof Raza, Strategic Affairs Analyst; Lt. Gen (Retd) B S Jaswal, Former Army Commander, Northern Command; K C Singh, Former Secy, MEA; Zafar Hilaly, Former Pak Ambassador to US; Syed Tariq Pirzada, Strategic Affairs Analyst; Prof Zafr Jaspal, Quaid-e-Azam University and Admiral (Retd) Jawaid Iqbal, Defense Analyst — discuss whether India can continue to dialogue process with Pakistan despite an unprovoked ceasefire violation.

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