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The Inescapable Ditch for the World sponsored by the US

“We need to keep the terrorists from entering our borders and deal with them where they are…” Bush and his coterie kept saying something to this effect time and after time for last so many years!  Did they?

Instead, if you were to carefully look – the villain of middle east – Iran President Ahmednijad was able to do exactly that to the US.  He knew that he/his country was part of America’s “Axis of Evil”.  So, what does he do?  He creates alliances with Hezbollah, Palestinian extremists and the Iraqi insurgents and arms them.  Meanwhile he is busy getting the Nukes from the Pakistani Government (oh well I know the so-called “renegade” scientist).  Where does that leave the US?

  • Stuck in Iraq
  • Unable to “engage” another country in a war
  • Having to deal with two Nuke countries
  • Troubles within the country with the Democratic win

Where do you think we are headed?  Is it just a coincidence that two countries – North Korea and Iran – have gone/almost gone Nuke?

It is said by many in the democratic party that US should come out.. but if they do Ahmednijad’s goons and Musharraf’s jehadis will create an unbeatable base there.  That would be the ideal launching pad to get back to the Israelis and the West.  There will be no way to get those guys to stop!  The NATO Armies and the Allies armies currently – given their countrys’ peoples’ resolves – cannot seem to get anywhere close to fighting more than one enemy at multiple fronts.

I had said to a friend when the Iraq invasion started that this will prove to be the worst mistake in the History of the US!  Today, I can say without doubt that the decision to enter Iraq by Bush will turn out to be the most critically the worst decision for the entire world in our lifetimes!

Why do I say that?  Well China has funded and helped North Korea, Pakistan and Iran under the very noses of the West to become Nuke-capable.  Everyone knows it but either no one wants to prove it or wont speak about it!  Two of Chinese proteges are coming out of the “closets” and ready to assert themselves.  Iran has more than what North Korea has (which really is more of a nuisance factor for Japanese and the Americans) – it has the Oil and the money!  And it also has the powers-that-be in Iraq by the scruff of their neck.. and virtually can own that Oil as well!  The latest snub was today’s kidnapping of 150 Iraqi Ministry staff!  Its not that they got them out from wilderness but from center of Baghdad!

If the US doesnt come out of Iraq – which is what the Jehadis and the Insurgents want (remember the chiding of Rumsfeld by the new Al Qaeda honcho in Iraq recently?) – then it would be wounded everyday so terribly that the very self image of the normal John Doe about his own country will be smashed!  That will be an unacceptable price to pay for the Americans.

America will try to put pressure on Iran and try to talk and “engage” with it or at least start the process.  If my understanding of Ahmednijad and North Koreans (and their Mentors, China) is correct, then “engagement” will either not happen or will be superficial at best.  Once Iran and NK have verifiable Nukes and those that can be used then they would come out in their own.  Once that happens – the web that China had started preparing in the 1980’s will come to fruition.

Strangely, although people think that the current “march” of the evil is under the “Green” flag, they miss the flag bearer who is carrying the Red one!  Under most green flags are red poles behind the flag bearer.