Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #192 - A System of Psychopaths!

Thousands of tons of foodgrains rot every year. 45 farmers commit suicide and 7000 Indians die of hunger every day. While the tomatoes that sell for Rs 50/kg fetch the farmer mere Rs 2!

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #192 - A System of Psychopaths!

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There is a crime here that goes beyond denunciation. There is a sorrow here that weeping cannot symbolize. There is a failure here that topples all our success. The fertile earth, the straight tree rows, the sturdy trunks, and the ripe fruit. And children dying of pellagra must die because a profit cannot be taken from an orange. And coroners must fill in the certificate- died of malnutrition- because the food must rot, must be forced to rot. ― John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath

Food that sustains you and the medicines that save you from disease and death are the most fundamental human needs.  When they become privilege or worse are hijacked by monsters who dominate its supply and distribution then we have a more fundamental problem at hand.

Shaking off such monsters from the roots and branches of the entire supply chain will not be easy.  For, they, these vile and degenerate psychopaths see the very folks they get their supplies from hang themselves along with their kids every day.  And yet, they move on.  To make more farmers victims of their horrible cupidity.

Their commitment to their own wealth outweighs every human life that they take with their greed.

These are the devils we are dealing with.

5800 tons of foodgrains rotted in godowns last year.  7000 Indians die of hunger every single day.  45 farmers committed suicide every single day.   While the tomatoes, costing Rs 45-50 a kg at Delhi’s Azadpur mandi, could fetch their producers, the farmers mere Rs 2-4 a kg.

All this while the system by law prohibited - made it illegal - for these farmers to sell to the end customer, even if they somehow could make it to the city, no more than 400 kgs!

By law, the system which nurtured these devils who earned the difference between what the farmer earned and what it sold for in Azadpur, made it illegal for the farmer to sell it to anyone else.  Any one else!

That is what those standing at Delhi’s borders, with those carrying terror aspirations of Khalistan in their hearts amongst them, are really fighting for.

The right to kill the farmer.  As millions go hungry.

the fight for vaccine supplies

The real challenge for the world will not just be on how to handle the large number of deaths from COVID, and the impact on the economy, but how to get enough supplies of vaccines for countries that cannot afford it.  The rich and the powerful may get the supplies as they have the power and money.  But what about the poor ones?

That is where the sagacity and power of a country’s leadership comes into play.

Until now, about 9.6 billion doses of COVID vaccines have been reserved already by individual countries, as per Duke Global Health Institute.  (Source)

Before any vaccine candidates are even approved for market, confirmed purchases cover 6.8 billion doses, with another 2.8 billion doses currently under negotiation or reserved as optional expansions of existing deals.  (Source)

About 85% of the planned production through 2021 for Pfizer’s vaccine has already been secured by wealthy countries - the US, EU, Canada, and Japan.

Pfizer has agreed to sell at least 1.1 billion doses combined to the U.S., EU, Canada, Japan and U.K. That's nearly all of the 1.3 billion it aims to produce by the end of 2021.  (Source)

Where does that leave the poor countries?  They are at the mercy of COVAX.

COVAX is co-led by Gavi, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and WHO. Its aim is to accelerate the development and manufacture of COVID-19 vaccines, and to guarantee fair and equitable access for every country in the world.  (Source)

As you can see in the chart below, the total portfolio of COVAX is just half of that of India.

AMC by Country

India has the largest confirmed vaccine supply in the world right now.

Most of this is from Novavax and Astra Zeneca stable.

The interesting thing about Novavax compared to Moderna, Pfizer and NioNTech’s offering is that none of the latter three have a common flu vaccine, while Novavax is working to combine the COVID and Common flu vaccines together.

In October, Novavax announced that it had formed a team to focus on winning regulatory approvals in key global markets for flu vaccine candidate NanoFlu. The biotech also stated that this team will explore the potential for pairing NanoFlu with NVX-CoV2373 in a combination flu/COVID-19 vaccine.  (Source)

Why is this important?

If COVID becomes a regular annual occurrence as common flu is, then a combination vaccine will be the most effective way to handle things.

Part of the reason why India is at the forefront of securing supplies for vaccines for the country is that the Prime Minister is closely and personally involved.  He knows what is needed and has been working with different companies to be prepared.

When the ones at the helm of India’s governance are working the global system to do what no country outside of the rich clique is able to do, you need to bow your head and be thankful.

Farm Bills: demolishing a system of psychopaths and sociopaths

Farmers in India can sell to the Food Corporation of India (FCI) directly or to the APMC markets.  Many years back, in 1992, I had a chance of visiting the food godowns of NAFED in Delhi.  The state of the foodgrains stacked in sacks was so pathetic, that we were surprised that this could even be eaten.  Most of it was rotting and eventually destroyed.  Never making its way to the consumer.

According to officials of FCI, the food grains kept at the godowns sometimes get infested by pests; also, procurement of poor quality food grains or rains or flooding and sometimes mismanagement leads to losses and damages to the food grains kept at these godowns. (Source)

The farmers, that the leftist, the Congress and their flunkies say their hearts beat for, worked their lives off to produce that.

All you need to do to understand the joke that these cruel psychopaths play on society is to go to the FCI or NAFED godowns and see how the blood and toil of that farmer is being made to rot!

While millions die of hunger!

Just to give you a glimpse of the amount of food that rots every year.

Mountains of food grains have been rotting in the godowns of the Food Corporation of India (FCI) every year. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution has revealed that more than 38,000 metric tonnes (MTs) of food grains were damaged since the last five years. The data, which was revealed by the Ministry to the Lok Sabha last week, showed that every year, more than 3,000 MTs of food grains, including rice, wheat and pulses, have been rotting in the FCI godowns or the Central Warehousing Corporation godowns, making it unusable and unfit for consumption by people.  In 2018-19, more than 52,13,360 kg of food grains were wasted or had rotten, causing an estimated loss of Rs 72,033,224. (Source)

7000 Indians die of hunger every single day!  (Source)

How the bloody heck do we even live with this betrayal of humanity in our society?!

The Dalwai Committee Report on doubling farmers’ income (14 volumes) to bring about an  Income Revolution for farmers.

This Parliamentary panel report on “Agriculture Marketing” tabled on January 3rd, 2019, found 6 reasons for the bad state of India’s Agriculture. (Source)

  1. 69-73% of the rice and wheat produced in 14 years was not procured by FCI/state agencies
  2. Shortage of APMC markets in the country
  3. Regulated markets far off from farmers
  4. Poor state of infrastructure in APMC markets
  5. Poorly implemented regulations of the APMC Act
  6. At least one gramin haat must be present in each Panchayat

Procurement of foodgrains and agricultural produce happens via the Food Corporation of India (FCI) and state government agencies.  The state Agricultural Markets are run by the Government and operated by Licensed brokers, commission agents, and traders.  Only licensed operators (licensed by the state) are allowed to buy produce from the farmers.

If there is an urban retail chain that processes or sells agricultural produce.  What does it do?

It procures the produce from the “licensed market operatives”.

Now get this -  the Indian farmers are prohibited by law - yes, PROHIBITED BY LAW - from selling is produce directly to an urban retail customer.

The farmer, who does not have the market or mandi near him or wants to sell his produce to an urban chain end-customer directly, can not do so.  BY LAW!  The Indian legislation, in its infinite wisdom, has enslaved the farmer. (Source)

Ok, he can, but no more than 400 kilograms.

Do you see the cruel joke on Indian farmers that past regimes were playing?!

Why was this done?

Same gobbledygook about “exploitation of the poor farmer.” (that ‘poor’ is the operative word, which the left and Congress has extensively used to create a network of entitled plundering!) (Source)

The meaningless but supposedly noble ideal (notice how cruel these things called ideals are?) was that prices at which the farmers’ produce is sold in these designated markets will be publicly displayed and monitored by the government.  And, since the brokers were licensed by the government, their activities and (get that) integrity will be ascertained by the government.

Under the old Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee(APMC) system, farmers could only sell their produce through mandis (markets) designated by State governments. This led to the rise of middlemen who, through political patronage or undue influence, were able to squeeze the farmer’s revenue as well as control market prices.  This thwarted the development of a competitive marketing system. Farmers neither got help nor the incentive to engage in direct marketing and organized retailing. Agro-processing industries weren’t assured smooth supply of produce nor did the system encourage adoption of innovative technologies. (Source)

What really happened was - a clique of middlemen in connivance with market agencies took shape.  An economy, a system of monsters over generations developed. As producers and target end consumers kept dying while they profited!

Adapted from Source

They would pay a pittance to the farmers and be able to sell the produce to the wholesalers in the cities for a killing!

According to the Economic Survey of India 2018, the incomes of farmers in India have been stagnant since last three years bringing some kind of a morbid sense into the statistic of 45 farmers committing suicides every day in the country. Tomatoes, costing Rs 45-50 per kilogram at Delhi’s Azadpur mandi, could fetch their producers from neighbouring areas only Rs. 2-4 per kilogram. The Accidental Deaths & Suicides in India – 2010 Report by the National Crime Records Bureau, projects 15,964 farmer suicides in 2010 alone. (Source)

What they bought from the farmer for say Rs 2 or 4 would be sold to the customer for Rs 50!

Who pocketed the difference?  Let us watch this in action.

We are looking at a system that was rotten at best and criminal to the extent of being genocidal in reality!

Millions went hungry, even as millions of tons of foodgrains were rotting in government godowns.  Grains for which the farmers had worked their lives off, always for a pittance.  In a system that is controlled by a few politically connected operatives.  And, despite the farmer getting almost nothing and thousands of them committing suicides, we the consumers were paying for our food through our noses.  And 7000 of us died every single day for the lack of a morsel!

This is the sick society that we have been living in India!

And, for someone in any state - Punjab or otherwise - to come and give lectures on “exploitation of farmer” and “the importance of MSP” - is not just cruel, it is devious, egregious and downright criminal.

Such people who obfuscate the facts and reality to pronounce death sentences to the farmers in terms of suicides that the system abets - are sociopaths!   They, who back these devious ‘protesters’ are accomplices of the psychopaths that this system survives on and is threatened by the farm bills!

They aren’t even human!

Their psychopathic cupidity just never gets satiated!  Even when thousands of farmers hang themselves because of a system that they perpetuate!

That is what the three Farm bills address.

Do you understand why the middlemen are up in arms and have no qualms in intertwining the “agitation for farmers” with the infusion of Khalistani terrorism so the ISI/Chinese masters of these forces in India can kick-start activities that can break India up?

For them sadism is the way of life.  Having orgies of deaths and abeting others to suicides is their way to wealth.  Aligning with terror masterminds is a natural extension!

We are dealing with a system in Indian agriculture that is controlled by cruel psychopaths today.

Those psychopaths are being plucked out and made jobless by these farm bills.  Do you think these lowlifes who never flinched after seeing thousands of farmers - that they would buy produce from - hang themselves and die, as they continued to milk the system to make their crores, will sit quietly?

We, you see, are dealing with pure evil!  They aren’t even human.

market corner - 10 quick bytes

  1. Paytm Money to facilitate investments in IPO aims for 8-10% applications market share - more
  2. More than 1 billion globally to have access to 5G by the year-end.  27% of mobile subscriptions in India will be 5G by the end of 2026 - more
  3. Realty prices down in Mumbai as developers try to offload inventory.  Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) realtors are offering 10-15% discounts on new launches - more
  4. Global smartphone sales decline by 5.7% in the third quarter - more
  5. Extended Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme (ECLGS)  can infuse over Rs 40k-cr liquidity. Especially low resilience sectors, such as hotels, gems and jewelry, travel, and real estate - more
  6. ZEE5 partners with XroadMedia to ramp up its hyper-personalized video on demand and social media services - more
  7. Aerospace firm Ananth Technologies signs JV with US satellite operator Saturn Satellites to launch two communication satellites via India’s PSLV- more
  8. Overall demand for office space may remain strong in 2021 - more
  9. Moderna vaccine 100% effective in severe cases; to seek US, EU approval - more
  10. Indian soymeal is given priority in the US, the world's second-largest grower of soybean after Brazil, since 95 percent of the American crop is genetically modified - more

nota bene

Taiwan-India Bhai-Bhai: Taiwan and India can work together to achieve a strong, resilient, green, and inclusive recovery when fighting and containing the virus, Taiwan’s de-facto ambassador Baushuan Ger said. (Source)

Shehla Rashid is a Terrorist: The father of former student activist Shehla Rashid has leveled serious allegations against her daughter. Abdul Rashid Shora said that he has been facing a death threat from Shehla.   Shora wrote a letter to the Jammu and Kashmir DGP alleging that his daughter Shehla took rupees three crores in cash from notorious people to join Kashmir politics. (Source)

USDA Economic Research pegs India’s growth at 8.8%: The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Economic Research Service and Forest Agricultural Service and Outlook report for this month pegs India’s GDP to grow 8.8 percent next year compared with its initial projection of a negative 2.2 percent. China is seen behind India with an 8.6 percent GDP growth. (Source)

AI solves a 50-year-old problem: For years, scientists have been struggling with the problem of “protein folding” – mapping the three-dimensional shapes of the proteins that are responsible for diseases from cancer to Covid-19.  Google’s Deepmind claims to have created an artificially intelligent program called “AlphaFold” that is able to solve those problems in a matter of days. (Source)

Gobecklie Tepe   - 12,000-year-old civilization?

There is a lot that the archeologists have seen that they have neither fully understood nor even acknowledged.  The result is that a coherent history of human existence and accomplishments has been buried and even denied.  All because of religious dogmas.  Unfortunately, the human history has become a prisoner of the antiquity of Abraham.

Here is a very interesting discussion on a find in Turkey that even though it is visible to all, is rarely discussed properly.


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